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Samsung Market Share Growth- #1 Position

We’ve just received Q1’09 market share information from InfoTrack’s enterprise communications study and we’re excited by the results.

In Q4’08 Samsung was 5th in the Key/Hybrid market within the 2-400 line segment.  Due to your efforts and our ability to sell as a team, we moved into the NUMBER 1 Position in the 2-400 lines segment during Q1’09!

Wait there’s more – During this same time period when our sales channel and our Team were making this happen, overall industry Market Growth declined 28%, thus making our accomplishment even more significant and rewarding.  This market place momentum increased our market share by 1% over last year with just one quarter of the year gone by.

Samsung will continue to develop meaningful programs and promotions and  support the dealers’ selling efforts with their dedicated resources.

Eric Wortmann – Strategic Marketing
June 23, 2009

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IP Camera Surveillance of Parking Lots

Parking lots can be one of the most dangerous places. This is due to the fact that they are so large and it is difficult to be able to keep an eye on the entire space. Crime is so prevalent, in fact, that statistics state 80% of crimes at malls, retail outlets, and offices occur in the parking lot. This makes their security needs quite unique, however a proper IP video surveillance system exactly what is needed.

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Benefits of VoIP for Businesses

Lets just go through various scenarios where VoIP can be beneficial for businesses:

1) Relocating to a new office

If you don’t have any pre-existing infrastructure to worry about, fitting up a new office is the perfect opportunity to implement VoIP, regardless of your voice requirements because you have to fit out a network infrastructure anyway, no matter how basic.

CCTV Posts Video Surveillance News

Evolution of IP-based surveillance technology: Enhanced security, greater peace of mind

New technology now means that security cameras can be used over an IP network, Sony Professional Solutions Europe explore the benefits of IP based security technology.