Access Control Systems

When To Consider An Access Control System

When To Consider An Access Control System 

Are you wondering when to consider an access control system? Well, if you own a business, run a business, or even are an IT manager, security is the number one thing on your mind, specifically external security. Before we dive into when you should consider an access control system, let’s take a look at what an access control system is. 

Access Control Systems 

When you are talking about access control, you are either talking about physical access or logical access. Just as it sounds, you can determine who has access to different spaces or rooms within the company. When you are dealing with computers, you are dealing with logical access control. 

How Access Control Works 

There are three components to a successful access control system.

  1. Identify who is accessing secure company information.
  2. Verifying that this individual has the right to view this information. (Permission will be granted or denied.)
  3. Those who are authenticated will need to use a passcode, pin, or other means to prove their identity. 

Login credentials are used to verify identity and determine who has access to what information. This could also include physical locations and information. For example, the doctor has a key to the operating room, but the front desk does not. They also cannot view the same information. 

Why Access Control is Essential 

Cyber attacks are becoming more common each day. With that threat, it is critical to have a proper access control system in place for security measures. 

Reports have found that breaches have reached upwards of 7 million dollars. This number was recorded in 2020. Since then, numbers have continued to rise. 

A good access control system (such as DSX access control and others) will allow a person only to view or be in specific areas. This means that general employees will not have access to sensitive documents meant for management only. This also allows for more security measures to be put in place to protect the business. 

Why Businesses Need Access Control 

This is going to provide your business with added security to reduce risks to the business. Businesses centered on data that is found from the employees to the customers. With sensitive information, businesses must be critical about storing this information. 

Without proper security and access control, cyber-attacks are a threat. This leaves their sensitive data at risk as well. 

When You Should Consider Access Control 

When your business has sensitive data or documents, you should use access control. This will help you protect and monitor sensitive or important documents. This could be documents from finances, meetings, and more. 

Access control also allows you to identify public links and assess how risky they are. You can also go in and change public links that have not been updated within the past year. This can all be done with access control. 

You can also take control over what access former employees have within the company and their accounts. For example, when an employee gets terminated, their credentials would no longer work within the system. They would have access to nothing, including the building. 

Benefits of Using Access Control Systems within Your Business 

There are many benefits to using access control systems within your business. Here are just a few:

  1. You are able to monitor sensitive documents, resources, or assets and protect them. 
  2. You can easily remove employee accounts after termination. This removes their access to any information or rooms within the business. 
  3. Data is more secure and you can rest easier knowing your client’s information is safe. 
  4. You can know who is where and when. You also can know who viewed what documents and when. 
  5. You are able to determine where people can be and where they cannot and restricting or adding access is very simple. 
  6. The risk of cyber-attack is reduced. 

Access control systems give you, the business owner, full power over your company. You will know what is going on at all times. You will know who is where and if people are where they are supposed to be. 

Should something happen, such as a security breach, the team can look at who had access to specific information. This can help during an investigation to determine who is the culprit. With access control, finding the problem and taking care of it quickly is much easier. 

Wrapping Up: When To Consider An Access Control System

Access control systems are already integrated into many businesses today. That is why you should take advantage of the benefits it provides for your business today. Whether you don’t have any protection or you are with another company, you should take a look at Comtex for all your access control system needs. 

Comtex is a trusted access control system installer and provider. With a trusted system in place, you can rest easy knowing all your information is secure. You can give us a call with any questions you may have today!