How To Set Up Business Security Systems

How to Set Up Business Security Systems?

There are a couple of steps to take before getting too far ahead, and we must consider what is being protected and how this can be done. For instance, a security professional must find any weak points in physical security.

Physical security refers to doors, windows, fences, and other physical barriers to prevent theft, damage, or death. Next, we secure these points with cameras to provide film, evidence, and the ability to see the area being protected from a central point.

Therefore, security will need to set up network protocols if we speak about a property with computing capabilities. This includes firewalls, router configurations and passwords, and many other techniques to keep cybercriminals at bay.

All of these elements must be considered when running a business or home. 

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What are the first steps to securing the area?

The first step will be to examine the area and determine the specifications of the protected area. The security professional will then determine the weak points and how to address them in the physical sense.

There is a saying, “A fence makes a good neighbor,” and another saying about how almost eighty percent of thefts are done out of opportunity. For instance, take a garage filled with a certain number of valuables. With the door open, the neighborhood can see everything, along with the random passersby, which makes it extremely easy to walk right into the garage and take a valuable. Now, if the garage door is closed, there is no easy route to the valuables, let alone the knowledge of their existence.

Access Points

After finding the weak points, the professional will assess the business property’s access points, the entrances and exits along with exhaust areas and so forth. There will also be needed to check and register anyone who enters property and when. Including the parking lot, surrounding areas, fence lines and the building, and monitoring of all individuals on the property will be required. Therefore, badges and ID information checks will need to be provided for the employees for easy access to their job sites.

Final steps and implementation

After finding all the security points, the professional will engage the business executives to implement the security needs of the building in question. Security cameras will likely need to monitor the inside and outside of the building, along with access points. This will all need to be connected to a secure network provided by IT.

These final steps will include the computing network itself; another vulnerability is the internet. Anybody can access any computer system worldwide with the correct IP address and other information. Thus, making the business network a viable target for hackers and thieves.

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Implementing Security Changes

Next would be implementing the security changes by engaging the right groups and services. If the budget allows, there will be a need for a security team of guards and IT professionals. The security team will be responsible for interacting with employees and guests to determine threat levels and handle any disturbances created by individuals on the property. The IT team will be responsible for keeping the networks safe and working correctly while watching the cameras and working with security to quell threats or disturbances.

In turn, a meeting amongst management, security, and professionals will need to be held before implementation can be finalized. Systems and policies must comply with particular business and ethics laws. Then regular maintenance meetings should be held to improve and work on the safety of the business and the people who work there.  

Final thoughts: How To Setup Business Security Systems

The security of an area depends on those that work to keep those safe around them. Implementing a simple plan to protect a place is a good starting point and starts with examining the weak points in the area. At home, it’s the gates, garages, and doors.

The same can be said of a business which will need security at all times for cyber and physical attacks or theft. Think of all those apps that people by the millions use and the necessary security protocols to provide the users the peace of mind and security needed to enjoy themselves. A professional such as Comtex will guide those needing help but ultimately recommend adhering to an IT security team’s need. 

If you need help with CCTV installation, CCTV systems or a CCTV security camera provider, access control, or anything else- Comtex Inc has you covered. We are your one-stop shop for all of your business security needs and offer on-site tech support and a variety of services.

You should now know how to set up business security systems and we hope you hire Comtex to help!

CCTV cameras

Can CCTV Cameras Record In The Dark

Can CCTV Cameras Record in the Dark? 

Wondering can CCTV cameras record in the dark? This post will answer all of your questions.

Can CCTV Record At Night

When you are looking at surveillance systems, it could be overwhelming. There are many products available with unique features. You might now know which way is up or down. We are going to talk about a few features, night vision and dark recording in particular in this article. Keep reading to learn if your CCTV camera can record while it is dark outside or inside the building. 

Types of CCTV Cameras 

Many people do not realize that there are two specific types of cameras. There are commercial grade cameras and there are consumer grade cameras. It is important that you know these two types of cameras before we talk about the dark recording. 

Any type of camera that you will find in a store will be considered a consumer-grade camera. These cameras usually come in sets or with a bundle and are relatively cheap. 

Another Kind Of Camera

The second kind of camera that you will see is a commercial-grade camera. These cameras are not available in stores. You also will expect to pay more for these types of cameras because they are higher quality than consumer cameras. In fact, these cameras are going to be roughly 400 dollars per camera and the recorder will be sold separately. 

Quality of Cameras 

These two cameras may look very alike, however, they are quite different. Keep in mind that these two cameras are built for different purposes. When you are talking about a commercial-grade camera, you are going to be getting a camera that is not going to fail. Failing is not going to be an option, they are higher performance than consumer cameras. 

A consumer camera is going to work when there is light available. If you purchase consumer cameras, you are going to find out that after it gets dark outside, they are not going to work as well. Whereas a commercial camera will have better performance because they are built better. They have bigger internal video sensors and have a higher quality feature to them that will adapt better in low light situations whereas consumer cameras do not. 

Now that you have learned about the two types of cameras, we are going to talk about commercial cameras for the rest of this article. 

Mixed Lighting 

When we talk about mixed lighting, we are talking about when someone opens a door for example. The camera is pointed at the door and now a lot of sunlight is let into the door. This is going to shine in the sensor of the camera making it difficult to adapt to lighting. Consumer cameras are going to try to adapt to this and then when they do, the room is going to appear black and dark. You will not see who entered the door and who is inside the building because of the exposure difference. 

However, commercial cameras are going to be better at this because they are designed better. There is a high dynamic range feature that will help ensure that there are not any high exposure areas. The feature works to create the best image possible when there are high and low exposures. 

Night Recording 

A consumer camera often does not provide what you need in the dark. Keep in mind that when the camera is looking in the dark, there will need to be a light source in the area. Specifically, the light source should be below the camera. When you purchase a consumer camera, the illuminators that come with it are not going to be as helpful. The illuminators are going to be for short range only. They are also only one brightness. This means that you are often going to get over-exposed pictures or scenes. Sometimes you will see what is known as a blow out and no details. 

When you are dealing with a commercial camera, you are going to get more equipped items. This means you are going to see more at night because they have infrared illuminators. These illuminators are able to adjust their brightness based on the scene. This means that you are able to see people, animals, or anything else without an issue at night. 

Wrapping Up: Can CCTV Cameras Record In The Dark?

Taking the time to know about the two types of cameras is essential. As you can see, commercial cameras are going to be your best bet if you are wanting any clear pictures or surveillance. This is especially true at night. You can contact Comtex if you are in the New Jersey area for any questions or concerns. They provide CCTV installation as well as product sales and setup.

High Quality Security Systems

If you are interested in a high-quality security system that features night vision, you should contact one of our professionals today. We can talk you through all your questions and concerns. We can also talk to you about pricing options and package options as well. Pick the better option and pick commercial security cameras. You will not regret it! Here is the location below:

You should now better understand can CCTV cameras record in the dark and we wish you luck!


Can CCTV Be Connected To Mobile?

Can CCTV Be Connected To Mobile? 

Are you wondering can CCTV be connected to mobile? You’ll learn all the answers right here! And if you’re not sure what the steps to take are, you should certainly connect with a CCTV provider. Comtex is a leading provider of CCTV security camera systems and services the New York Metro area. Learn more about Comtex and give them a call! The offer CCTV installation, access control, business telephone systems and more!

cctv installer Bergen County NJ
cctv installer Bergen County NJ

Can CCTV Be Connected To Your Smartphone

As we develop our security systems, they are becoming more advanced than ever. Everything is becoming high tech and becoming easier to manage than ever before. You can connect your CCTV to your smartphone with literally the click of a button.

Connecting CCTV To A Smartphone

All you are going to need is an app one your phone that will pick up what is known as your IP address. This app will also stream your wireless internet or your router. You could be across the country or even world and be able to check your security cameras. 

This has made life much more convenient and easier. However, with the advancement in technology, we are going to have issues with hackers. We are going to talk about how you can keep track of your security systems and know all the risks involved. 

Connecting Your Smartphone to Your Security Cameras 

If you would like to see your security footage away from the premises, you can connect it to your phone. All you need to do is download an app. This works as long as your security cameras are high-quality cameras. Luckily, today, with the advancement in technology, almost all security cameras can be hooked up to your smartphone. 

You can even link your cameras to other smart devices such as a tablet or another computer as well. Keep in mind that some systems only are supported with iOS or android, not both. Some systems will be able to be used with both. It is best to do some research before you purchase a security system, so you are able to use it on your phone without problems. 

Linking Your Phone to Your Security Cameras via Wi-Fi 

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have the security system app downloaded on your phone. If you do not have it downloaded, that is the first thing you must do. Once it is downloaded, you can launch the app. 

Another Thing You Can Do

The second thing that you must do is add your security cameras to the application. You will use either the QR code or a model code to do this. 

Once you have linked your security cameras to your phone, you should be able to click on the camera that you linked to watch live feed on your camera. 

The Next Steps

Once you are done with setting up your system, you can now go in and set configurations. This includes any motion detections, what alerts you receive, and other monitoring requirements that you deem necessary. 

Keep in mind that all systems are different, and some systems may require more information or steps to setup to your phone. Take the time to read what comes with your specific security system before setting it up with your phone. 

What If I Cannot See my CCTV on the Phone?

There are going to be times where you are unable to see your live security footage on your phone. The first thing that you should be doing is checking your router. There is a possibility that the connection was interrupted. We are going to talk about a few things that you should do when you are unable to view the footage from your phone. 

You need to make sure that internet is working on both ends. This means that you need to ensure that the internet is working where the security cameras are and where you are with your phone. If there is an internet issue, resetting your routers will help do the trick most of the time. 

The Other Thing To Do

The second thing you need to make sure is that the IP address is the same. If your provider has changed the IP address, you are not going to get a connection on your phone. This is often not the case because providers will usually change the IP address when you are not paying the internet bills. To ensure that the IP address is the same, make sure that you are comparing the IP address. All you need to do is google the phrase what is my IP address, and you should find it. Make sure that the app IP address and the one displayed are the same. If they are not, be sure to call your internet provider. 

If you are still having trouble, try to reboot your routers and the CCTV system. Once everything is rebooted, try connecting again. If you have done all of the above and are still having problems, you should call customer service. 

Wrapping Up: Can CCTV Be Connected To Mobile?

With technology advancing ever so quickly, we are now able to view security footage on our phones. We never used to be able to do that. Everything was on-site and never mobile. If you are looking for a way to get this in your building or office, contact Comtex in New Jersey. Here is Comtex and our business location below:

You should now have a better understanding of your question can CCTV be connected to mobile and we wish you all the best.