Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Mobility is being in contact. In today’s competitive business environment, being properly ‘connected’ and keeping employees reachable is more important than it’s ever been. Mobile Extension (MOBEX), OfficeServ Connect and Hot Desking are three important features on the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series telephone Systems that will keep your office mobile and intact.

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MOBEX is short for Mobile Extension, is an application that is offered in two options.

Standard Mobex is supplied free of charge to users. A standard user can assign an extension number to a telephone that is not a part of the OfficeServ system; a “virtual” telephone extension. It can be a cell phone, home phone, or any other phone/phone number.

Executive Mobex functions similar to a Standard but Executive users become a true extension of the telephone system; they can call transfer, conference, transfer to voice mail, etc. similar to any extension in the office. While on a MOBEX call, the user may receive system dial tone to make a call from the system with the company’s caller ID, transfer a call to any office extension, make an overhead page at the office, place a conference call, or place a caller on hold at another office extension. This feature requires an additional license, hardware and SIP trunking or PRI.

OfficeServ Connect

This works a little different and it works with MOBEX extensions. The key in this feature is that contacts can reach you with one single number. This feature allows simultaneous ringing of a master phone and five other devices. Unanswered calls can be forwarded to the voice mail of the office phone or the mobile, depending on configuration.

Hot Desking

Hot desking cuts costs with workstation sharing. Samsung IP keyset users can share workstations and still retain individual phone extensions, speed dials, preprogrammed buttons, and voicemail. This enables workers to utilize workstations left temporarily vacant by vacationing or traveling employees, allowing you to optimize idle space and resources throughout the company. Hot Desking only works with

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