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DVRs and NVRs

No matter what kind of business you are protecting, to record, save, and search events. Your first decision is to decide whether to invest in a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR). These devices record high-resolution digital images that are stored locally or off-site in the cloud. Multiple camera images are displayed on a monitor or remotely viewed globally from a PC, MAC, iPad, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. The difference is in the recording technology.

Comtex offers an extensive range of DVRs and NVRs featuring the latest technology and security innovations.

Having Comtex evaluate your existing infrastructure, equipment, and security needs will help you decide to invest in a DVR or NVR. If your security requirements are relatively straightforward and existing coaxial cabling or quality analog or CVI cameras are already installed, a DVR may be suitable for your business. Reusing existing equipment will also minimize your upfront expenses. However, if you prioritize comprehensive coverage, have multiple buildings or large property, and need cabling, a flexible NVR system will be the right choice.


A DVR converts analog footage from cameras into a digital format. The video data is transmitted to the DVR, processed by the recorder and saved to a hard drive or external storage device. The entire CCTV solution uses coax cabling.

In contrast, an NVR uses IP cameras that encode digital footage before sending it to the NVR for storage and viewing. The NVR connects to the cameras through Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. Because IP cameras can also operate entirely wirelessly, this feature allows considerable flexibility in your layout and installation. One of the most significant benefits of an NVR is its ability to integrate with a DSX or Openpath access control system.

CCTV System Considerations

For optimal security and system performance, your CCTV specialist will investigate the following:

Off-site Monitoring

Allows remote monitoring of live and archived recordings over your corporate network from any PC, iPad, tablet, and smartphone.


Upload recordings to an external storage device for additional storage or store them in the cloud to archive off site.

Ease of Search

Advanced search capabilities instantly get you to relevant video sequences, significantly reducing time spent viewing video footage.

Notifications Feature

When suspicious activity is detected, you can receive a notification by email or an iOS/Android app, or both.

Image Capture

Recordings do not have to be continuous. Cameras can be independently configured to record only when it detects motion or by a pre-defined schedule.


Arguably the most significant benefit of an NVR unit is its ability to integrate into a DSX or Openpath access control system.

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