Wildix Hosted Phone System

Hosted By Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Comtex chose to partner with Wildix to advance our telecom relationships with our clients. Comtex, not a national carrier or IT vendor, programs, installs, trains, and provides all post deployment technical support. Our professionalism and experience drive the value of this solution. Most hosted systems are deployed by national carriers that only offer chat or off-site call center support, with long hold times, and a different support agent every time you call.

Wildix is the perfect solution for remote working because the browser-based platform is entirely secure by design; no VPNs are necessary. Users have a single web interface to manage internal and external communications across multiple devices. It is also the only sales-oriented communications system that deploys KITE which allows website visitors to initiate a video call or a chat with your staff from your website. Once connected, visitors can also engage a bilateral screen share or transfer documents to employees.

With Wildix, you can keep costs down and choose not to invest in desk phones; simply use the online collaboration or the mobile app! If you add phones, they have a 5-year equipment warranty!

Wildix Hosted Phone System

Connect, Collaborate & Communicate

By introducing an efficient communication system into your business environment, you can save up to 25% of your working time, increase company productivity and employee engagement. Wildix Collaboration is a web browser-based tool that enables simple, instant and secure communication between employees from all over the world, using a desk phone, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile phone without having to install any software.

Audio & video calls

Corporate chat

View colleague extensions for quick access

Monitor in real time who is on the phone, available or in DND.

Audio and video conferencing

Memo and post-it messages

Call history (all, incoming, outgoing & missed)

Fax to one or more users

Access to corporate phonebooks

Screen sharing & file transfer

Web phone

KITE (external collaboration with website visitors)

Introducing Wildix KITE

What if your website visitors could start a chat with a specific employee or department and then dynamically turn it into an audio or video call? What if they could present additional info by sharing their screen or transferring documents, all in real time?

Being reachable through the web is a critical business advantage. KITE turns internet visitors into customers, even if your business doesn’t have e-commerce. Fewer customers make a call to make a purchase; they would rather find you on the internet, look around your web site, and then what?

This software displays an interactive area where website visitors can immediately communicate with your staff by initiating a video or audio call, screen share, file transfer, or chat without downloading any software. With one click, this tool can connect online visitors to specific staff or department representative, converting visitors into clients!

KITE Goes Far Beyond The "Contact Us" Button

Discover How Easy KITE Is!

Try it now!

Comtex Sales

Comtex Support

Separate yourself from your competitors by adding additional means of communication with your website visitors: video calls, phone calls, screen share, document transfer, chat, and more! KITE offers new means of communication between your staff and clients. Website visitors can see the presence status of agents to know who is available for contact. This website plug-in allows employees to seamlessly communicate with customers from home.

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Wildix Collaboration

Your staff can return to communicating and collaborating by working from home with the efficiency and presence of being in the office. Wildix Collaboration ensures the best user experience by providing you with one single web interface to manage all internal and externa communication across multiple devices, including a PC, Mac, desk phone, tablet and mobile phone.

Collaboration will optimize your business processes, reduce travel costs, and ensures the availability of employees anytime and anyplace. Staff has real-time communication with internal and external users with audio and video calls, conferencing, screen sharing, document transfers and chat. There is a system wide phonebook and users can see staff status (available/busy/DND) on all devices.

Premium users have access to call traffic reporting and analysis. Information on the phone number, duration of the calls, transfers etc., of inbound and outbound traffic can be complied in charts and data grids. The Call Center Wall Board offers a real time observation tool to monitor agent activity which also provides information to help measure call center performance.

Wildix Benefits

No software installation!

You can stop worrying about compatibility issues on your network. You never need to install or download software on your PC or MAC to use Wildix.

Wildix KITE

Directly interact with customers through your website with Wildix Kite. Website visitors can initiate a Chat, Screen share, or video conference with your staff with one click!

Hosted at Amazon Web Services

The engine of the Wildix Cloud is AWS, Amazon Web Services Cloud Storage. The winning combination of Wildix UC&C and the power of AWS assures you get the perfect experience.

5- Year Desk Phone Warranty

Only Wildix is confident enough to offer a 5-year warranty equipment warranty on all products.

Comtex provides technical support

Comtex has a dedicated on-site technical support team to work directly with you. No national call center, no long hold times, and always a familiar support agent.

100% secure by design

Wildix utilizes the security inherent to WebRTC. It does not need a VPN or SBC to protect your voice and data networks because it has a native encryption system.

No Federal taxes & Carrier fees

Only dial tone charges are subject to Federal taxes and those dreaded “carrier” fees. User licenses are only subject to sales tax.

Save on dial tone trunks

You choose the number of dial tone trunks, not the carrier. User licenses are sold separately.

Wildix Mobility

The Wildix Mobile App offers the Unified Communications features of your enterprise phone system on your smartphones, iPad, and tablets.

Sends caller ID of office, not your personal number
Access to company phonebook
Video calls to users
Mobility callback service
Call history
File exchange
Screen sharing
Users’ presence information and geolocation
Sync with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook
Mobile SIP Client on WiFi
Encrypted HTTPS connection to the PBX
Apple Watch notifications

Wildix IP Desk Phones

Wildix Vision

Color touchscreen with android OS and camera

Wildix Console

Receptionist phone with color screen and sidecar

Wildix Workforce

Color screen with HD voice

"Wizyconf" Conference Room

The truth is, the majority of video conferencing systems are designed to be used by experts and IT professionals. It is hard to set up and use one quickly and easily. These difficulties prevent your employees from utilizing the benefits of an efficient video conferencing system.

Wizyconf makes it possible with a smart, user-friendly design that lets you start a video conference in only 30 seconds.

Our Wizyconf was designed using WebRTC, the technology that allows for secure real-time transmission of audio and video from browser to browser. That means there is no need to install any additional software on your PC. Wizyconf’s magic frees you from time-wasting set-ups and intricate hardware.

All you need is a license, your laptop and an internet connection — and no additional hardware.

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