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For over 60 years, Comtex has evolved with technological advances in the telephone industry. Our longevity in the industry sets us apart from other phone vendors and national carriers. We continue to be a leading provider of business phone systems in the tri-state area. While our cloud systems are designed to communicate beyond traditional methods, we ensure your transition to the cloud is seamless and stress-free.

Our implementation team does it all- program customized greetings, call routing, extension assignments and feature activations. We coordinate your phone number transfers, connect dial tone and test the system. Once your system is deployed, we train staff and provide tailored user guides, a “cheat sheet,” to simplify the migration. You’re all set! When you need help, simply call our on site tech support team.

No national call center support with random agents. No long hold times. No call disconnects!

Comtex Cloud-Based Award Winning Hosted Solutions

Advantages of a Cloud-Based Hosted Solution

Work From Anywhere

Working remotely has never been more seamless. No need to commute to work and avoid traffic and save on gas.

Business Continuity Protection

If you lose power or internet, your system is still operational in the cloud sending calls to your mobile app.

Cut Dial Tone Costs By 50%

Cloud-based dial tone is much more cost effective and offers additional features that traditional trunks lack.