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Business Phone System Setup, Management And Support In Northern NJ

Comtex has been a leader in business phone systems in Bergen County and beyond for over 60 years. We offer an array of systems tailored to your needs and can help you make the transition from traditional methods with ease, ensuring that everything will be stress-free!

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Comtex Cloud-Based Award Winning Hosted Solutions For Bergen County Businesses

Advantages Of Cloud-Based Bergen County Phone Solutions

Work Remotely

You can work from anywhere in an easy and seamless way.

No Interruptions

In the event that you lose power, your system will still run.

Cut Costs By Up To 50%

Our solutions are much more cost effective.

Safe And Secure

Everything is protected and monitored in the cloud.

No Equipment Needed

Upfront costs are small and you don't need to buy equipment

On-Site Tech Support

Our on-site tech support is here to offer assistance any time.

Keep Your Numbers

Comtex can help you switch with ease and avoid disruption.

Multiple Locations

Connect multiple locations with ease and seamlessly

Easy Configuration

We can easily configure everything for you during setup.

Wildix Hosted Phone System

Wildix offers a five-year equipment warranty and is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Only system to offer the KITE feature!

Intermedia Hosted Phone System

Whether in the office or remote, Unite seamlessly integrates all your communication tools. Free phone options and NO minimum contract terms.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Mitel offers an on-premise system. Comtex will also repair any discontinued Samsung phone system.

Looking for better options for business telephone systems in NJ?

If you have questions, Comtex is ready to answer them. Our 60+ years of telecom experience can help guide your search for the perfect phone system! If you need the best in management and support for business telephone systems in Bergen County, NJ choose Comtex!

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