Access Control Systems


A Safer Workplace Starts At The Door

Comtex will help keep your business and employees in a secure environment with an Openpath or DSX access control system.

Access Control provides an additional level of security by permitting or restricting the flow of traffic entering or exiting a site, building, specific area, or room. Any facility with multiple employees, tenants, or visitors should consider access control. Keys offer little security, as they can easily be lost, stolen or duplicated.

These systems allow you to identify and manage people with real-time information. Individuals or vehicles are granted access using mobile apps, cards, pin codes, key fobs, and vein or fingerprint readers that are programmed to allow or restrict them to specific locations. Admins can remotely manage the system for quick and easy changes. If a card or code is lost or stolen, or an employee is terminated, the system can immediately be updated. Access control also allows you to track individual movement and generate access and location reports.

For added security, integrate a visitor management solution to manage your guests with visitor registration, tracking, reporting, and badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration.

Benefits of an Access Control Security System

Use your mobile phone as a credential

Control over who enters or exits and when they have access

Visitor management solution
Security for the premises, people and assets
Ability to restrict access to secure a specific area
Can track individual movement
Integrate with CCTV systems
Helps to prevent crime
Provide information for auditing, time and attendance
Manage and control access remotely
General or individual reports on movement
Ensure premises are empty at night/weekends
DSX Access Control Systems

On-Premise Solution

Cloud-Based Solution

Access Control Management Options

These solutions give you 24 hour access control to restrict and track staff and visitors.