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What Is DSX Access Control?

What is DSX Access Control?

If you are on this page you are probably wondering- what is DSX Access Control? So don’t fret. We will go over everything regarding the topic of DSX access control systems in this post!

What Are Access Control Systems?

First, not all are privy to the definition of access control systems. Access control systems are an element of security that determines who has access to specific applications, files, and information. DSX access control is a service provided by DSX Access Systems, Inc, located in Dallas, Texas.

It’s important if you have a business to find a licensed dealer or access control systems installer in your local area. You can learn more in this blog post what are different types of access control?

A Brief History Of DSX Access Control Systems, Inc

Here’s a little history about the company. DSX Access systems is a reliable, privately owned company with over thirty years of Access Control industry experience. The DSX access control program delivers an easy-to-use application available on 32 and 64-bit operating systems and a DSX Mobile Command app that any smartphone user can work on.

This even includes a badging camera that allows customers to secure the building they work in by identifying everyone in or out of the facility. The hardware and program provided will have badge printing capabilities, which can be scanned by any person in or out of the secured area.

Business and Campus Security

DSX access control has a centralized management system with access control and site monitoring programming, to which a business or school district could monitor the human traffic going in and out of the surveyed facilities. Camera monitoring services are up and running twenty-four seven three sixty-five with additional technical support personnel for authorized DSX Dealers.

DSX Access Control Dealers

It’s important that you find an authorized DSX access control dealer to set up your system properly. There are many local providers and several DSX Access Control Dealers that take center stage as being top-rated local dealers.

A local provider for the New Jersey area includes Comtex, Inc. Comtex has been in the business of implementing security systems and technologies for 60+ years and certainly should be noted. Comtex is a fully licensed DSX access control dealer in New Jersey and servicing many areas in the tri state area.

Otherwise, those looking to ramp up their security at their places of business and learning will do well to purchase a DSX access control system and should search around for their local providers.

What does a DSX access control system come with?

The package that of which these features come standard:

  • Access control and point monitoring
  • Photo ID Badging, visitor management, and check in verify technology
  • Alarm emails/text notifications, real-time threat-level management, and Hazmat/emergency lockdown capabilities.
  • Over two hundred and seventy-five card compatibility.

These features and software applications that work with PC and smartphone operating systems can provide a sense of control and security in a time of uncertainty. There are threats, including the rise of the public shooter, that a system like this will help prevent and minimize the risks to personal safety.

The winds, designed for small to medium-sized businesses, and WinDSX SQL, for larger-sized operations, are software systems designed to give the admin tools to provide the best security available using PC commands and programming. In addition, customers will be given the DSX Mobile Command phone app to be used as a key for admin, employees, operations, and staff workers and as an alert system when threats are present.

How could Schools benefit from a system like this?

As many are privy to the knowledge of school shootings in the twenty-first century, a security system like this would have provided better control of the situation and potentially better response times. As mentioned before, one of the features provided is a lockdown on all doors and elevators during times of emergency and health threats.

Easy Communications

Along with extensive security camera monitoring, admin and staff would be able to communicate about and watch the movements of an active shooter as the situation unfolds. Therefore, in effect, giving those in danger the power to make choices to avoid the threat and to escape by providing empowering tools and technologies to sway the odds in favor of the innocent.

Taking Attendance In Classrooms

On a more practical use, attendance can be taken as the students enter the building and, in effect, free up time in the day for further instruction and learning. Or, as the Teacher knows, precious additional time for preparation.

Administrative options

Along with the smartphone application, PC capabilities are available to an administrator or head of a company that can provide a sense of security for their coworkers and the other people who enter their place of business. There will be specific access controls through which the user can effectively funnel the movement of the people inside the building.

There is also a convenient remote desktop feature that will allow an administrator to access the network and DSX access control system in times of need. In addition, coworkers can receive communications and information through their smartphones about area maintenance, closed elevators, etc.

Final Thoughts On DSX

DSX access control programming is known for having a reliable service, and for the New Jersey area, one would only need to find Comtex, Inc, A top provider for DSX access control. This Dallas, Texas, the product has been in business since 1990 and helps secure locations all over the country.

Regarding using this software and hardware, educational and governmental installations and places of business will have practical uses for security. As the world deals with the rise of school shootings, technology like this will help save children’s and staff personal lives when faced with a severe and life-threatening situation.

These tools will empower our school workers to see an attacker’s movements, communicate with other classrooms and administrative rooms, and take away unnecessary stalling by the adults taking action.

You should now better have the answer to your question what is DSX access control and I wish you all the best.