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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A CCTV System



CCTV And Why Your Business Needs It In 2023

CCTV and Why You Need It for Your Business

If you’re interested in learning more about CCTV and why you need it for your business, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s society, rising inflation is causing businesses to ramp up their security. CCTV stands for closed circuit television, which means that it is monitored locally and not distributed elsewhere.

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cctv security system installation service near me
cctv security system installation service near me

The Main Selling Points With CCTV And Any Security Systems

One of the main selling points it that CCTV security cameras can deter theft. These cameras aren’t invisible which means that anyone coming into your business can see them. Many times, the visual of a camera is all that is needed to deter theft. 

Visible Security Cameras Always Help

Regardless of the size of the business, visible security cameras can help. If there is an incident requiring police, the video from these security cameras can provide much needed assistance to the business whether it be in video or audio. In many cases, having CCTV security can provide a piece of mind for a new or longtime business owner. With such major enhancements in computers nowadays, footage can be viewed from anywhere, such as a computer, phone or tablet. This should make using the CCTV a piece of cake. 

Keep Employees & Customers Safe

Another great benefit of utilizing CCTV in business is the safety and security it not only grants your employees but also patrons of the business. Customers will feel safer knowing there are security cameras in the establishment but also in the parking lots and outside entrances. 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In addition to customer safety, cameras are a great way to increase customer satisfaction. Footage can be used to view customer interaction, busy times in the checkout line, package deliveries or even a large group before opening.

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

In the case of multiple locations, cameras can help detect why one business is more profitable than the other.  These can not only increase profit but also increase efficiency. In cases where the business has valuable merchandise, CCTV can provide high levels of security for a fraction of the cost of older systems. These savings could allow business owners to increase the number of cameras, or invest in other important equipment.

Catch Employee Theft In Action

On the other hand, these security enhancements could allow businesses to catch potential employee thefts in addition to normal thefts. CCTV has the potential to increase employee productivity if the staff knows that the cameras are being monitored for performance. Just the thought of being watched by the boss might make someone work harder.

Ability To Review Footage From

Along with employee thefts, security cameras are an easy way to catch any sexual harassment in the workplace. If the cameras aren’t monitored, the victim may be able to point to a specific date or time and the business can review the footage. 

CCTV Is A Cost-Effective Solution For You Business’s Security Needs

CCTVs in businesses cost way less than the salaries of security guards monitoring the premises for 24 hours a day. Instead of having someone walking around verifying the physical space, an employee can just rewatch the footage from the day before if there were any issues. Just having cameras instead of guards eliminates the human error that can occur if a guard was in the wrong area and couldn’t get somewhere fast enough.

CCTV’s Offer A Birds Eye View Of Your Business

These cameras instead would be able to provide a bird’s eye view of the entire business on a few screens if necessary. In the case of slip and falls and other disputes, CCTV’s make the difference in whether the facts are presented even if there are no witnesses. If the CCTV system is set up correctly, they can provide beginning to end surveillance for any incident requiring footage. 

Insurance Benefits Of CCTV Installation

Businesses might also benefit from their insurance company if they have CCTV installed. These security systems provide much needed support for the internal components of owning a business. 

Advanced Technologies

With newer CCTV systems, businesses can purchase audio and night vision. Installers can personalize however the business feels is necessary to meet their needs. Audio can be a benefit in more ways than one, such as a customer dispute or a employee accident.

Night vision can be beneficial in areas such as parking lots where there may not be much light. Additionally, new technology has the ability to only alert If motion is detected. Even though this could be annoying to some, it will still save time. 

Sometimes CCTV Is Required

In some fields of business, cameras are required, which can be a blessing in disguise due to the reasons above. CCTVs will not only save a business money but can also save lots of time. Not only will the boss not have to worry about an employee slacking off, but they can rest assured that if there is a robbery, the culprit could be more easily identified. 

CCTV’s Are Very Beneficial In 2023

Throughout the years, crime has escalated along with crazy lawsuits. Just a simple setup of CCTV in a new or existing business can have great rewards for the owners and customers alike.

If you need a business to setup and install your CCTV system, Comtex is a great choice. With locations in New Jersey and New York, we can set up and properly install your CCTV systems along with Access Control systems and more!

All in all, the is no reason a business owner should not invest in CCTVs as they are what can save a business tremendous amount of time and effort. As you have read, CCTVS can greatly benefit businesses, and this is why you need it. 

Access Control Systems

When To Consider An Access Control System

When To Consider An Access Control System 

Are you wondering when to consider an access control system? Well, if you own a business, run a business, or even are an IT manager, security is the number one thing on your mind, specifically external security. Before we dive into when you should consider an access control system, let’s take a look at what an access control system is. 

Access Control Systems 

When you are talking about access control, you are either talking about physical access or logical access. Just as it sounds, you can determine who has access to different spaces or rooms within the company. When you are dealing with computers, you are dealing with logical access control. 

How Access Control Works 

There are three components to a successful access control system.

  1. Identify who is accessing secure company information.
  2. Verifying that this individual has the right to view this information. (Permission will be granted or denied.)
  3. Those who are authenticated will need to use a passcode, pin, or other means to prove their identity. 

Login credentials are used to verify identity and determine who has access to what information. This could also include physical locations and information. For example, the doctor has a key to the operating room, but the front desk does not. They also cannot view the same information. 

Why Access Control is Essential 

Cyber attacks are becoming more common each day. With that threat, it is critical to have a proper access control system in place for security measures. 

Reports have found that breaches have reached upwards of 7 million dollars. This number was recorded in 2020. Since then, numbers have continued to rise. 

A good access control system (such as DSX access control and others) will allow a person only to view or be in specific areas. This means that general employees will not have access to sensitive documents meant for management only. This also allows for more security measures to be put in place to protect the business. 

Why Businesses Need Access Control 

This is going to provide your business with added security to reduce risks to the business. Businesses centered on data that is found from the employees to the customers. With sensitive information, businesses must be critical about storing this information. 

Without proper security and access control, cyber-attacks are a threat. This leaves their sensitive data at risk as well. 

When You Should Consider Access Control 

When your business has sensitive data or documents, you should use access control. This will help you protect and monitor sensitive or important documents. This could be documents from finances, meetings, and more. 

Access control also allows you to identify public links and assess how risky they are. You can also go in and change public links that have not been updated within the past year. This can all be done with access control. 

You can also take control over what access former employees have within the company and their accounts. For example, when an employee gets terminated, their credentials would no longer work within the system. They would have access to nothing, including the building. 

Benefits of Using Access Control Systems within Your Business 

There are many benefits to using access control systems within your business. Here are just a few:

  1. You are able to monitor sensitive documents, resources, or assets and protect them. 
  2. You can easily remove employee accounts after termination. This removes their access to any information or rooms within the business. 
  3. Data is more secure and you can rest easier knowing your client’s information is safe. 
  4. You can know who is where and when. You also can know who viewed what documents and when. 
  5. You are able to determine where people can be and where they cannot and restricting or adding access is very simple. 
  6. The risk of cyber-attack is reduced. 

Access control systems give you, the business owner, full power over your company. You will know what is going on at all times. You will know who is where and if people are where they are supposed to be. 

Should something happen, such as a security breach, the team can look at who had access to specific information. This can help during an investigation to determine who is the culprit. With access control, finding the problem and taking care of it quickly is much easier. 

Wrapping Up: When To Consider An Access Control System

Access control systems are already integrated into many businesses today. That is why you should take advantage of the benefits it provides for your business today. Whether you don’t have any protection or you are with another company, you should take a look at Comtex for all your access control system needs. 

Comtex is a trusted access control system installer and provider. With a trusted system in place, you can rest easy knowing all your information is secure. You can give us a call with any questions you may have today! 

Access Control Systems

Benefits Of Access Control

6 Important Benefits of Access Control 

Many people and many different fields will utilize access control systems. However, before we discuss the benefits of an access control system, let us talk about what an access control system is and how it works. 

Access Control – What is it? 

This system is designed to restrict or allow access to buildings, rooms, or other specifically designated areas. It is a powerful security system that manages where people are and who has access to what and when they can access it. 

If an employee wanted to enter a building with an access control system, they would need to provide proper credentials. This could be something physical like a card. It could also be something that digitally appears on your phone. 

Here’s an example:

Let us look at an example. An employee wants to get into the building. They swipe their card at the card reader on the door. The reader will send information to the access unit which will authorize someone to enter the building. Specific secure areas might also have these locks. This means that only certain people with certain ranks can enter. Their cards will be different from traditional employees. Traditional employees will be denied access to high-risk rooms like this with an access control system. 

6 Key Benefits of Access Control 

As you know there are many aspects to access control systems and finding an access control systems installer near you. We are going to discuss the benefits of access control and how it can help your business. 

Ease of Access 

You will no longer have to remember who has access to what. The key cards and codes can be set and you can forget about who has access and who doesn’t. This means that once you hire someone, and give them their card, you can forget about it. No more wondering who has access to what and when. 

Go Non-Traditional 

Using traditional keys is a thing of the past. There are a few setbacks when using traditional keys. This makes restricting access to specific rooms harder because it will require a specific key. 

If someone were to hire a janitor, they would have a bulky key ring. This might also confuse as to which key goes where. 

You will save money because you will not have to require a locksmith to come and unlock doors for you. 

Lastly, traditional keys can be duplicated. This means that even if an employee turns their keys in, they have a spare key at home. This can cause security risks for your business. 

Money and Energy Savings 

When you use access control systems, you are going to save money on security and locks. 

You will no longer need a physical security guard because the access control system will identify people on its own. 

Access control systems also make it easier to save on energy. Lighting, heating, and cooling systems can all be adjusted. Plus, you can integrate sensors for rooms that go on and off. 

Knowing Who Is Where and When 

You can now keep track of who enters the building at what time and when they leave the building. 

You will see that people are where they are supposed to be at any given time. 

If there are any incidents, you can look back and see who was in that area at the specific time of the incident. 

Keep Unwanted Visitors Away 

When you are in a large business setting, people can come and go and go unnoticed. This can cause issues with security. 

When you use access control systems, you are going to deter anyone who does not have access to the building. 

  • Only those who are given the proper credentials will be able to enter the building. 
  • You know who is in the building at any time. 
  • No one who does not have access will not be in the building. 

Theft Reduction 

You can control who accesses what rooms. If there is sensitive information, you can keep certain people out. 

This keeps your theft rates down because they do not know about all the items or information behind locked doors. 

Access Control Systems in the Business 

In a business setting, you can become more secure with access control systems. You will only allow certain people to access sensitive information. Access control systems in the workplace are going to ensure that the business is protected and client information is secure. 

You are going to ensure that employees only have access to items that they need access to. For example, a grocery store clerk will not need access to the order sheets for the store. The manager would have the credentials to access those order sheets. 

Conclusion: Benefits of Access Control 

Access control systems offer many benefits as you have already read. Taking the time to know what access control is and how it can help your business is essential. If you require an access control system for your business, contact Comtex. With a team of highly trained individuals, you will no longer be questioning whether or not you need an access control system for your business. 


What Is A Thermal Camera?

What is a Thermal Camera 

If you are wondering what a thermal camera is, you are in the right spot! We are going to talk about what a thermal camera is and how it works. You will learn all you need to know about thermal cameras here! From the history to the science behind thermal energy, you will learn it all!  Keep reading to learn how thermal cameras are now being integrated into CCTV systems

What is it?

A thermal camera is not going to come into contact with anyone or anything. However, it will detect how much infrared energy is being put out. This is the heat that is detected. The image will then be formed to be what you are able to see.  From this, you will be able to determine the temperature of people or things around you. 

How a Thermal Camera Works 

As you know, a thermal camera uses heat to create its pictures. The infrared radiation that is given off is what is used to create a picture. This process has a name. The name of that process is known as thermal imaging. Thermal imaging will be the process that allows you to see the heat of objects or people around you. 

thermal camera Comtex

History of the Thermal Camera 

These thermal image cameras were first made to be used in the military. But, before they were invented, there is a little more history about them. 

It wasn’t until 1860 that an astronomer would create what is known as a bolometer. This is the device used to measure infrared waves. Fast forward to 1929 and the thermal camera would be created. 

It was done by examining the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared and visible light are both on this spectrum. However, infrared waves are not able to be seen by the human eye. That is why a thermal camera has no trouble detecting heat in light or dark areas. 

How Thermal Cameras Work 

The imaging process works by converting the infrared light that we cannot see into an electric signal. This will create an image with the information it sees. This was something that was changing lives when it was discovered. Today it is used quite often by many people. 

Understanding Thermal Cameras 

Today, we all know that a thermal camera is going to be used to detect those with temperatures. That is the most common use we have for it today. The camera will show objects as yellow. The brighter the color goes from there, the warmer the area or person. The cooler an area, the darker it will be. Cool temperatures are often displayed with purple or blue. 

The Science Behind the Thermal Camera 

Just like any other energy, there is a wavelength. The wavelength that is used for infrared technology, will be roughly 700 nanometers and reach a length of one millimeter. All wavelengths that are shorter than the measurements listed will become visible to the human eye. 

The lens that is used on a thermal camera will focus on the infrared waves. These will be focused on detectors. The detectors will then form a pattern. This pattern will be called a thermogram. The thermogram will be turned into what is known as electrical signals. From this, you will see an image that we see on the screen. 

More Information On Thermal Cameras 

Thermal cameras are great to determine if someone is sick without getting too close. Many businesses will use thermal cameras to determine who is sick and who is not. This was especially important during the pandemic. Now that you know more on this interesting topic, you can contact Comtex to determine the next steps to install a thermal camera system in your business. 


Do Electricians Install Office Cabling?

Do Electricians Install Office Cabling? 

Are you wondering do electricians install office cabling? If you are thinking of running or installing more cable into an office building, you may think that your local computer cabling company would do it. However, read on to learn more about this common question!

Electricians Install Office Cabling Behind Walls

A general cabling company is the best fit for the job if you don’t need your foundational wiring disturbed in your office. Internet providers, cabling contractors and computer and IT companies are not electricians, however they are perfectly able to install cabling properly.

However, they are going to staple all the cable to the wall which might not be what you need. While this might be okay if you don’t need an electrician for the job, this might not be the case if it’s a new building.

What A Cabling Contractor Can Install

An office cabling contractor that offers structured cabling services has a different skillset than an electrician. However, here’s what they can install.

Why Hire An Electrician?

In almost all cases, your cable company is not going to go extra lengths. This means that they are not going to install the wire in the walls. The only time it may be installed into walls by your cable company is if you are developing a new building. 

This is why you should hire an electrician. Electricians are trained to add electrical wiring behind your walls. This means that if you hire an electrician, you are going to be able to add computer cables and jacks wherever they are needed. There are many reasons why you should hire an electrician from your cable company. Keep reading to learn more. 

Data Center at Home 

If you are a business that runs from your home, it is best to leave all the DIY’s up to the professionals. If you do not, you are going to end up with excess wire, not enough cable, or a mess of tangled wires. This is not going to increase your productivity and can be a potential fire hazard. 

Hiring an electrician to help you with your at home business internet needs is going to be your best choice. You will find that a home network can be easily organized in a small area. Plus, the next time anything needs to be replaced, you will be glad it is organized, and you hired an electrician to do the job. 

Avoiding Interference 

As an electrician, they are required to know the science behind electricity. This also means that they know that computer cables cannot get wrapped up or bundled with other wires that are used to maintain your network. This can reduce the interference that can hurt your performance. This interference is going to be known as electrical noise. 

If you experience electrical noise, it can cause numerous problems that include:

  • Internet connection can be dropped easily. 
  • Your data will transfer at very low speeds. 
  • You will be constantly resetting your computer, router, and other network items. 
  • Your Bluetooth, wireless internet, and other functions will be unstable. 

When you hire an electrician, they are going to ensure that electrical noise does not occur. They are going to make sure that the cabling is going to work at high speed and be reliable. 

Dedicated Circuits 

Electrical interference can be caused by a tripped breaker. This is going to be reduced by the installation of dedicated circuits. This is used for desktops and other networking devices. Also, no one other than a licensed electrician should install these circuits. 

When you think of these types of circuits, think of your washer and dryer. They will have these types of circuits to ensure that the breaker won’t trip or become overheated. This is the same concept for your network. Your servers are going to use a lot of power and that is why you should ensure that you are protected with dedicated circuits. 

Low-Voltage Cables 

When you set up your computer cabling system, make sure that you are using low-voltage wire. This will ensure that your computer can

  • Have a reliable power source for computer cabling. 
  • Your data speeds will be reliable and fast. 
  • You will be more energy efficient. 
  • Your risk of overheating and tripping the breaker is reduced. 
  • Your risk of a fire is also reduced. 

Wrapping Up: Do Electricians Install Office Cabling?

Taking the time to have an experienced electrician help you with your computer wiring system is essential. This is because an electrician will ensure that all wires are hidden but organized. They are going to ensure that your business can run flawlessly. Taking the time to hire the right person for the job is essential.

If you are in the New Jersey area, make sure that you contact Comtex Inc. They are going to be the best for office cable installation. Take the time to call us now to discuss your options! 


What Is Structured Cabling?

What is Structured Cabling? 

When it comes to the word structured cabling, it is often thrown around and used as a buzzword. However, does anyone really know what it means? We often hear technical terms that may confuse us and not help us understand what they mean. We are going to break down structured cabling in plain terms so that you can better understand what services you are getting. 

Structured Cabling in Plain Terms

As you may know structured cabling is used in telecommunications and has many smaller elements. When talking about structured cabling you are talking about a campus of building who has the telecommunication cable throughout the structure. These structures have many elements which are considered the structure. 

What Structured Cabling Looks Like

The best word to describe structured cabling is organized. Compared to all different types of cabling, structured cabling is the most organized approach for cabling. 

In many different centers the term point to point is used. This method runs the jumpers (patch cables) to the hardware that will need a direct connecting point. This is what structured cabling is not. 

Using A Structured System For Data Transmission

When using a structured system, it is a bunch of jumpers or patch panels and/or trunks used to help create this structure for the ports. These ports will be connected to a panel at the top of your rack. When all this is done, the panel is then connected to another panel with the trunk. This is done in the MDA or main distribution area. 

Keep in mind that the main distribution area is the key to knowing if cabling is structured or not. Non-structured cabling does not have a main distribution area. Short patch cords are then used for all the moves, adds, and changes. This is also known as MAC. 

Risks of Not Using Structured Cabling

When your wires and cabling are unorganized and messy, there are going to be a lot more mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes are using incorrect ports or becoming unplugged.

Messy Cabling Can Cause Major Problems!

Sometimes with unstructured cabling, you can get a mess of cables that are going to get in your way. When you try to remove a single wire, more than one may end up being disturbed or stressed. When you do this, it could lead to stress on your network and many different channel errors. These errors are going to be hard to trace because the setup is very messy with lots of cables and wires. 

Cables May Overwhelm Your Wiring And Networking Systems!

If you are using a point-point method, the front and/or sides will become overwhelmed with cables that are in bulk. This will block some of the airflow that you will need for the switch to become operational. This also can cause underfloor cooling. When there is congestion in this space, it will cause issues with cooling systems.  

Why You Should Use Structured Cabling 

When you use traditional systems such as the point-point system, the cabling will be messy, and you are going to carry data at a higher rate. Structured cabling plays an important role and here are some of the benefits you may notice when switching. 

Benefits Of Structured Cabling

  • It is going to be more cost-effective for you. It is more organized, and it can reduce the use of power. Plus, it is not going to be as difficult to maintain. Plus, you are going to reduce the money spent on maintenance because you are going to be able to locate the problem quicker and with less effort. 
  • Your downtime is going to be reduced as well. When people are managing a cabling network, it is going to be unorganized and there will be more risk of human error. This can cause downtime and many other problems. With a structured system it will be organized, and you can easily find the problem. If you can identify the problem quicker, you are going to have less downtime. 

Wrapping Up: What Is Structured Cabling?

Having structured cabling is going to benefit you and your business because it is going to allow you to reduce your power usage and have less downtime. This means that you are going to have more time to do things related to your business and have less downtime. The more time you are not down, the more traffic you are bringing to your site. 

Choose Comtex For All Of Your Structured Cabling Needs!

Choose Comtex for all of your structured cabling needs! Comtex has a location in East Rutherford, New Jersey and offers support in a variety of areas. Some of the other services Comtex offers include business access control systems, video surveillance CCTV systems, business telephone systems and more!

Please contact us at your convenience if you have questions about what structured cabling is and Comtex’s cabling and wiring installation services.

Access Control Systems DSX Access Control System

What Is DSX Access Control?

What is DSX Access Control?

If you are on this page you are probably wondering- what is DSX Access Control? So don’t fret. We will go over everything regarding the topic of DSX access control systems in this post!

What Are Access Control Systems?

First, not all are privy to the definition of access control systems. Access control systems are an element of security that determines who has access to specific applications, files, and information. DSX access control is a service provided by DSX Access Systems, Inc, located in Dallas, Texas.

It’s important if you have a business to find a licensed dealer or access control systems installer in your local area. You can learn more in this blog post what are different types of access control?

A Brief History Of DSX Access Control Systems, Inc

Here’s a little history about the company. DSX Access systems is a reliable, privately owned company with over thirty years of Access Control industry experience. The DSX access control program delivers an easy-to-use application available on 32 and 64-bit operating systems and a DSX Mobile Command app that any smartphone user can work on.

This even includes a badging camera that allows customers to secure the building they work in by identifying everyone in or out of the facility. The hardware and program provided will have badge printing capabilities, which can be scanned by any person in or out of the secured area.

Business and Campus Security

DSX access control has a centralized management system with access control and site monitoring programming, to which a business or school district could monitor the human traffic going in and out of the surveyed facilities. Camera monitoring services are up and running twenty-four seven three sixty-five with additional technical support personnel for authorized DSX Dealers.

DSX Access Control Dealers

It’s important that you find an authorized DSX access control dealer to set up your system properly. There are many local providers and several DSX Access Control Dealers that take center stage as being top-rated local dealers.

A local provider for the New Jersey area includes Comtex, Inc. Comtex has been in the business of implementing security systems and technologies for 60+ years and certainly should be noted. Comtex is a fully licensed DSX access control dealer in New Jersey and servicing many areas in the tri state area.

Otherwise, those looking to ramp up their security at their places of business and learning will do well to purchase a DSX access control system and should search around for their local providers.

What does a DSX access control system come with?

The package that of which these features come standard:

  • Access control and point monitoring
  • Photo ID Badging, visitor management, and check in verify technology
  • Alarm emails/text notifications, real-time threat-level management, and Hazmat/emergency lockdown capabilities.
  • Over two hundred and seventy-five card compatibility.

These features and software applications that work with PC and smartphone operating systems can provide a sense of control and security in a time of uncertainty. There are threats, including the rise of the public shooter, that a system like this will help prevent and minimize the risks to personal safety.

The winds, designed for small to medium-sized businesses, and WinDSX SQL, for larger-sized operations, are software systems designed to give the admin tools to provide the best security available using PC commands and programming. In addition, customers will be given the DSX Mobile Command phone app to be used as a key for admin, employees, operations, and staff workers and as an alert system when threats are present.

How could Schools benefit from a system like this?

As many are privy to the knowledge of school shootings in the twenty-first century, a security system like this would have provided better control of the situation and potentially better response times. As mentioned before, one of the features provided is a lockdown on all doors and elevators during times of emergency and health threats.

Easy Communications

Along with extensive security camera monitoring, admin and staff would be able to communicate about and watch the movements of an active shooter as the situation unfolds. Therefore, in effect, giving those in danger the power to make choices to avoid the threat and to escape by providing empowering tools and technologies to sway the odds in favor of the innocent.

Taking Attendance In Classrooms

On a more practical use, attendance can be taken as the students enter the building and, in effect, free up time in the day for further instruction and learning. Or, as the Teacher knows, precious additional time for preparation.

Administrative options

Along with the smartphone application, PC capabilities are available to an administrator or head of a company that can provide a sense of security for their coworkers and the other people who enter their place of business. There will be specific access controls through which the user can effectively funnel the movement of the people inside the building.

There is also a convenient remote desktop feature that will allow an administrator to access the network and DSX access control system in times of need. In addition, coworkers can receive communications and information through their smartphones about area maintenance, closed elevators, etc.

Final Thoughts On DSX

DSX access control programming is known for having a reliable service, and for the New Jersey area, one would only need to find Comtex, Inc, A top provider for DSX access control. This Dallas, Texas, the product has been in business since 1990 and helps secure locations all over the country.

Regarding using this software and hardware, educational and governmental installations and places of business will have practical uses for security. As the world deals with the rise of school shootings, technology like this will help save children’s and staff personal lives when faced with a severe and life-threatening situation.

These tools will empower our school workers to see an attacker’s movements, communicate with other classrooms and administrative rooms, and take away unnecessary stalling by the adults taking action.

You should now better have the answer to your question what is DSX access control and I wish you all the best.


How To Set Up Business Security Systems

How to Set Up Business Security Systems?

There are a couple of steps to take before getting too far ahead, and we must consider what is being protected and how this can be done. For instance, a security professional must find any weak points in physical security.

Physical security refers to doors, windows, fences, and other physical barriers to prevent theft, damage, or death. Next, we secure these points with cameras to provide film, evidence, and the ability to see the area being protected from a central point.

Therefore, security will need to set up network protocols if we speak about a property with computing capabilities. This includes firewalls, router configurations and passwords, and many other techniques to keep cybercriminals at bay.

All of these elements must be considered when running a business or home. 

PRO TIP: Learn whether or not CCTV cameras can record in the dark. We know you’ll love the article!

What are the first steps to securing the area?

The first step will be to examine the area and determine the specifications of the protected area. The security professional will then determine the weak points and how to address them in the physical sense.

There is a saying, “A fence makes a good neighbor,” and another saying about how almost eighty percent of thefts are done out of opportunity. For instance, take a garage filled with a certain number of valuables. With the door open, the neighborhood can see everything, along with the random passersby, which makes it extremely easy to walk right into the garage and take a valuable. Now, if the garage door is closed, there is no easy route to the valuables, let alone the knowledge of their existence.

Access Points

After finding the weak points, the professional will assess the business property’s access points, the entrances and exits along with exhaust areas and so forth. There will also be needed to check and register anyone who enters property and when. Including the parking lot, surrounding areas, fence lines and the building, and monitoring of all individuals on the property will be required. Therefore, badges and ID information checks will need to be provided for the employees for easy access to their job sites.

Final steps and implementation

After finding all the security points, the professional will engage the business executives to implement the security needs of the building in question. Security cameras will likely need to monitor the inside and outside of the building, along with access points. This will all need to be connected to a secure network provided by IT.

These final steps will include the computing network itself; another vulnerability is the internet. Anybody can access any computer system worldwide with the correct IP address and other information. Thus, making the business network a viable target for hackers and thieves.

PRO TIP: Read our article to learn if CCTV cameras can be connected to mobile. We know it will provide tons of insight.

Implementing Security Changes

Next would be implementing the security changes by engaging the right groups and services. If the budget allows, there will be a need for a security team of guards and IT professionals. The security team will be responsible for interacting with employees and guests to determine threat levels and handle any disturbances created by individuals on the property. The IT team will be responsible for keeping the networks safe and working correctly while watching the cameras and working with security to quell threats or disturbances.

In turn, a meeting amongst management, security, and professionals will need to be held before implementation can be finalized. Systems and policies must comply with particular business and ethics laws. Then regular maintenance meetings should be held to improve and work on the safety of the business and the people who work there.  

Final thoughts: How To Setup Business Security Systems

The security of an area depends on those that work to keep those safe around them. Implementing a simple plan to protect a place is a good starting point and starts with examining the weak points in the area. At home, it’s the gates, garages, and doors.

The same can be said of a business which will need security at all times for cyber and physical attacks or theft. Think of all those apps that people by the millions use and the necessary security protocols to provide the users the peace of mind and security needed to enjoy themselves. A professional such as Comtex will guide those needing help but ultimately recommend adhering to an IT security team’s need. 

If you need help with CCTV installation, CCTV systems or a CCTV security camera provider, access control, or anything else- Comtex Inc has you covered. We are your one-stop shop for all of your business security needs and offer on-site tech support and a variety of services.

You should now know how to set up business security systems and we hope you hire Comtex to help!

CCTV cameras

Can CCTV Cameras Record In The Dark

Can CCTV Cameras Record in the Dark? 

Wondering can CCTV cameras record in the dark? This post will answer all of your questions.

Can CCTV Record At Night

When you are looking at surveillance systems, it could be overwhelming. There are many products available with unique features. You might now know which way is up or down. We are going to talk about a few features, night vision and dark recording in particular in this article. Keep reading to learn if your CCTV camera can record while it is dark outside or inside the building. 

Types of CCTV Cameras 

Many people do not realize that there are two specific types of cameras. There are commercial grade cameras and there are consumer grade cameras. It is important that you know these two types of cameras before we talk about the dark recording. 

Any type of camera that you will find in a store will be considered a consumer-grade camera. These cameras usually come in sets or with a bundle and are relatively cheap. 

Another Kind Of Camera

The second kind of camera that you will see is a commercial-grade camera. These cameras are not available in stores. You also will expect to pay more for these types of cameras because they are higher quality than consumer cameras. In fact, these cameras are going to be roughly 400 dollars per camera and the recorder will be sold separately. 

Quality of Cameras 

These two cameras may look very alike, however, they are quite different. Keep in mind that these two cameras are built for different purposes. When you are talking about a commercial-grade camera, you are going to be getting a camera that is not going to fail. Failing is not going to be an option, they are higher performance than consumer cameras. 

A consumer camera is going to work when there is light available. If you purchase consumer cameras, you are going to find out that after it gets dark outside, they are not going to work as well. Whereas a commercial camera will have better performance because they are built better. They have bigger internal video sensors and have a higher quality feature to them that will adapt better in low light situations whereas consumer cameras do not. 

Now that you have learned about the two types of cameras, we are going to talk about commercial cameras for the rest of this article. 

Mixed Lighting 

When we talk about mixed lighting, we are talking about when someone opens a door for example. The camera is pointed at the door and now a lot of sunlight is let into the door. This is going to shine in the sensor of the camera making it difficult to adapt to lighting. Consumer cameras are going to try to adapt to this and then when they do, the room is going to appear black and dark. You will not see who entered the door and who is inside the building because of the exposure difference. 

However, commercial cameras are going to be better at this because they are designed better. There is a high dynamic range feature that will help ensure that there are not any high exposure areas. The feature works to create the best image possible when there are high and low exposures. 

Night Recording 

A consumer camera often does not provide what you need in the dark. Keep in mind that when the camera is looking in the dark, there will need to be a light source in the area. Specifically, the light source should be below the camera. When you purchase a consumer camera, the illuminators that come with it are not going to be as helpful. The illuminators are going to be for short range only. They are also only one brightness. This means that you are often going to get over-exposed pictures or scenes. Sometimes you will see what is known as a blow out and no details. 

When you are dealing with a commercial camera, you are going to get more equipped items. This means you are going to see more at night because they have infrared illuminators. These illuminators are able to adjust their brightness based on the scene. This means that you are able to see people, animals, or anything else without an issue at night. 

Wrapping Up: Can CCTV Cameras Record In The Dark?

Taking the time to know about the two types of cameras is essential. As you can see, commercial cameras are going to be your best bet if you are wanting any clear pictures or surveillance. This is especially true at night. You can contact Comtex if you are in the New Jersey area for any questions or concerns. They provide CCTV installation as well as product sales and setup.

High Quality Security Systems

If you are interested in a high-quality security system that features night vision, you should contact one of our professionals today. We can talk you through all your questions and concerns. We can also talk to you about pricing options and package options as well. Pick the better option and pick commercial security cameras. You will not regret it! Here is the location below:

You should now better understand can CCTV cameras record in the dark and we wish you luck!