What is a Thermal Camera 

If you are wondering what a thermal camera is, you are in the right spot! We are going to talk about what a thermal camera is and how it works. You will learn all you need to know about thermal cameras here! From the history to the science behind thermal energy, you will learn it all!  Keep reading to learn how thermal cameras are now being integrated into CCTV systems

What is it?

A thermal camera is not going to come into contact with anyone or anything. However, it will detect how much infrared energy is being put out. This is the heat that is detected. The image will then be formed to be what you are able to see.  From this, you will be able to determine the temperature of people or things around you. 

How a Thermal Camera Works 

As you know, a thermal camera uses heat to create its pictures. The infrared radiation that is given off is what is used to create a picture. This process has a name. The name of that process is known as thermal imaging. Thermal imaging will be the process that allows you to see the heat of objects or people around you. 

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History of the Thermal Camera 

These thermal image cameras were first made to be used in the military. But, before they were invented, there is a little more history about them. 

It wasn’t until 1860 that an astronomer would create what is known as a bolometer. This is the device used to measure infrared waves. Fast forward to 1929 and the thermal camera would be created. 

It was done by examining the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared and visible light are both on this spectrum. However, infrared waves are not able to be seen by the human eye. That is why a thermal camera has no trouble detecting heat in light or dark areas. 

How Thermal Cameras Work 

The imaging process works by converting the infrared light that we cannot see into an electric signal. This will create an image with the information it sees. This was something that was changing lives when it was discovered. Today it is used quite often by many people. 

Understanding Thermal Cameras 

Today, we all know that a thermal camera is going to be used to detect those with temperatures. That is the most common use we have for it today. The camera will show objects as yellow. The brighter the color goes from there, the warmer the area or person. The cooler an area, the darker it will be. Cool temperatures are often displayed with purple or blue. 

The Science Behind the Thermal Camera 

Just like any other energy, there is a wavelength. The wavelength that is used for infrared technology, will be roughly 700 nanometers and reach a length of one millimeter. All wavelengths that are shorter than the measurements listed will become visible to the human eye. 

The lens that is used on a thermal camera will focus on the infrared waves. These will be focused on detectors. The detectors will then form a pattern. This pattern will be called a thermogram. The thermogram will be turned into what is known as electrical signals. From this, you will see an image that we see on the screen. 

More Information On Thermal Cameras 

Thermal cameras are great to determine if someone is sick without getting too close. Many businesses will use thermal cameras to determine who is sick and who is not. This was especially important during the pandemic. Now that you know more on this interesting topic, you can contact Comtex to determine the next steps to install a thermal camera system in your business.