Do Electricians Install Office Cabling? 

Are you wondering do electricians install office cabling? If you are thinking of running or installing more cable into an office building, you may think that your local computer cabling company would do it. However, read on to learn more about this common question!

Electricians Install Office Cabling Behind Walls

A general cabling company is the best fit for the job if you don't need your foundational wiring disturbed in your office. Internet providers, cabling contractors and computer and IT companies are not electricians, however they are perfectly able to install cabling properly.

However, they are going to staple all the cable to the wall which might not be what you need. While this might be okay if you don't need an electrician for the job, this might not be the case if it's a new building.

What A Cabling Contractor Can Install

An office cabling contractor that offers structured cabling services has a different skillset than an electrician. However, here's what they can install.

Why Hire An Electrician?

In almost all cases, your cable company is not going to go extra lengths. This means that they are not going to install the wire in the walls. The only time it may be installed into walls by your cable company is if you are developing a new building. 

This is why you should hire an electrician. Electricians are trained to add electrical wiring behind your walls. This means that if you hire an electrician, you are going to be able to add computer cables and jacks wherever they are needed. There are many reasons why you should hire an electrician from your cable company. Keep reading to learn more. 

Data Center at Home 

If you are a business that runs from your home, it is best to leave all the DIY’s up to the professionals. If you do not, you are going to end up with excess wire, not enough cable, or a mess of tangled wires. This is not going to increase your productivity and can be a potential fire hazard. 

Hiring an electrician to help you with your at home business internet needs is going to be your best choice. You will find that a home network can be easily organized in a small area. Plus, the next time anything needs to be replaced, you will be glad it is organized, and you hired an electrician to do the job. 

Avoiding Interference 

As an electrician, they are required to know the science behind electricity. This also means that they know that computer cables cannot get wrapped up or bundled with other wires that are used to maintain your network. This can reduce the interference that can hurt your performance. This interference is going to be known as electrical noise. 

If you experience electrical noise, it can cause numerous problems that include:

  • Internet connection can be dropped easily. 
  • Your data will transfer at very low speeds. 
  • You will be constantly resetting your computer, router, and other network items. 
  • Your Bluetooth, wireless internet, and other functions will be unstable. 

When you hire an electrician, they are going to ensure that electrical noise does not occur. They are going to make sure that the cabling is going to work at high speed and be reliable. 

Dedicated Circuits 

Electrical interference can be caused by a tripped breaker. This is going to be reduced by the installation of dedicated circuits. This is used for desktops and other networking devices. Also, no one other than a licensed electrician should install these circuits. 

When you think of these types of circuits, think of your washer and dryer. They will have these types of circuits to ensure that the breaker won’t trip or become overheated. This is the same concept for your network. Your servers are going to use a lot of power and that is why you should ensure that you are protected with dedicated circuits. 

Low-Voltage Cables 

When you set up your computer cabling system, make sure that you are using low-voltage wire. This will ensure that your computer can

  • Have a reliable power source for computer cabling. 
  • Your data speeds will be reliable and fast. 
  • You will be more energy efficient. 
  • Your risk of overheating and tripping the breaker is reduced. 
  • Your risk of a fire is also reduced. 

Wrapping Up: Do Electricians Install Office Cabling?

Taking the time to have an experienced electrician help you with your computer wiring system is essential. This is because an electrician will ensure that all wires are hidden but organized. They are going to ensure that your business can run flawlessly. Taking the time to hire the right person for the job is essential.

If you are in the New Jersey area, make sure that you contact Comtex Inc. They are going to be the best for office cable installation. Take the time to call us now to discuss your options!