Office Cabling Installation NJ

Office Cabling Installation NJ

Network Cabling Installation Services In East Rutherford NJ

Comtex offers many office cabling installation options for your NJ corporate space. Our office network cabling and wiring in New Jersey is top notch and will meet the needs of your office. Comtex is a leader in networking solutions, telecommunications, and security services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer additional services such as commercial CCTV installation, business telephone systems, access control solutions to meet your needs and keep your office running efficiently and securely.

When it comes to office cabling, it's important you choose the right installation company that can set up an efficient and highly organized network infrastructure that will perform optimally. Comtex is just that company. With 60+ years of service under our belt we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in telecommunications, network installation and set up and ongoing support to meet your needs.

Please contact us at your convenience for a free site survey and to learn more about how we can help devise the appropriate cabling infrastructure that will optimally suite your company's needs.

office cabling installation NJ

New Jersey's Office And Commercial Cabling Installers

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Fiber Optic Cabling

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Cat3 Cabling Installation In NJ

Cat3 cabling is a type of network cable used to connect computers and other devices to each other. Cat3 cabling is made up of four twisted pairs of copper wire, which can support data transfer speeds of up to 10Mbps. Cat3 cabling is typically installed in environments where data transfer rates are not as critical, such as in homes and small businesses.

Cat5 Cabling Installation

Cat5 cabling is a type of Ethernet cabling used in computer networks. Cat5 cables are made of four twisted pairs of copper wire, and they are used to connect computers and other devices to the network. Cat5 cables are typically used for short distances, and they can support speeds up to 100Mbps. Cat5 cabling is also backward-compatible with older Cat3 and Cat4 cabling standards.

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

Fiber optic cable is a type of cable that uses glass or plastic fibers to transmit data. Fiber optic cable is commonly used in telecom and computer networking applications. Fiber optic cable offers several advantages over traditional copper cables, including higher bandwidth, lower attenuation, and lower electromagnetic interference. Fiber optic cable is also more resistant to environmental factors such as temperature and moisture.

Comtex Cabling Installers

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Companies of all shapes and sizes
Various cabling solutions
Transparent pricing
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A variety of other networking services
Efficient solutions

Choose Comtex for office cabling installation NJ

For office cabling installation NJ choose Comtex.

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