Can CCTV Cameras Record in the Dark? 

Wondering can CCTV cameras record in the dark? This post will answer all of your questions.

Can CCTV Record At Night

When you are looking at surveillance systems, it could be overwhelming. There are many products available with unique features. You might now know which way is up or down. We are going to talk about a few features, night vision and dark recording in particular in this article. Keep reading to learn if your CCTV camera can record while it is dark outside or inside the building. 

Types of CCTV Cameras 

Many people do not realize that there are two specific types of cameras. There are commercial grade cameras and there are consumer grade cameras. It is important that you know these two types of cameras before we talk about the dark recording. 

Any type of camera that you will find in a store will be considered a consumer-grade camera. These cameras usually come in sets or with a bundle and are relatively cheap. 

Another Kind Of Camera

The second kind of camera that you will see is a commercial-grade camera. These cameras are not available in stores. You also will expect to pay more for these types of cameras because they are higher quality than consumer cameras. In fact, these cameras are going to be roughly 400 dollars per camera and the recorder will be sold separately. 

Quality of Cameras 

These two cameras may look very alike, however, they are quite different. Keep in mind that these two cameras are built for different purposes. When you are talking about a commercial-grade camera, you are going to be getting a camera that is not going to fail. Failing is not going to be an option, they are higher performance than consumer cameras. 

A consumer camera is going to work when there is light available. If you purchase consumer cameras, you are going to find out that after it gets dark outside, they are not going to work as well. Whereas a commercial camera will have better performance because they are built better. They have bigger internal video sensors and have a higher quality feature to them that will adapt better in low light situations whereas consumer cameras do not. 

Now that you have learned about the two types of cameras, we are going to talk about commercial cameras for the rest of this article. 

Mixed Lighting 

When we talk about mixed lighting, we are talking about when someone opens a door for example. The camera is pointed at the door and now a lot of sunlight is let into the door. This is going to shine in the sensor of the camera making it difficult to adapt to lighting. Consumer cameras are going to try to adapt to this and then when they do, the room is going to appear black and dark. You will not see who entered the door and who is inside the building because of the exposure difference. 

However, commercial cameras are going to be better at this because they are designed better. There is a high dynamic range feature that will help ensure that there are not any high exposure areas. The feature works to create the best image possible when there are high and low exposures. 

Night Recording 

A consumer camera often does not provide what you need in the dark. Keep in mind that when the camera is looking in the dark, there will need to be a light source in the area. Specifically, the light source should be below the camera. When you purchase a consumer camera, the illuminators that come with it are not going to be as helpful. The illuminators are going to be for short range only. They are also only one brightness. This means that you are often going to get over-exposed pictures or scenes. Sometimes you will see what is known as a blow out and no details. 

When you are dealing with a commercial camera, you are going to get more equipped items. This means you are going to see more at night because they have infrared illuminators. These illuminators are able to adjust their brightness based on the scene. This means that you are able to see people, animals, or anything else without an issue at night. 

Wrapping Up: Can CCTV Cameras Record In The Dark?

Taking the time to know about the two types of cameras is essential. As you can see, commercial cameras are going to be your best bet if you are wanting any clear pictures or surveillance. This is especially true at night. You can contact Comtex if you are in the New Jersey area for any questions or concerns. They provide CCTV installation as well as product sales and setup.

High Quality Security Systems

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You should now better understand can CCTV cameras record in the dark and we wish you luck!