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HID Global Introduces Hands-free Parking and Gate Control Readers

HID Global announced that it has added long-range ultrahigh frequency (UHF) solutions to its iClass series. This new solution will offer new options for opening doors and parking gates from a distance. It will provide a new level of convenience to users and enhance the flow of vehicles and people in and out of facilities.

The new long-range iClass SE readers and credentials will enable companies to combine parking gate and door access control on a single card. It will also allow the credentials to be read from inside a vehicle; up to 16.4 feet away from the reader. It has advanced encryption and there is a model that is weather resistant and extremely rugged for outdoor areas subject to harsh conditions. HID also produced a dual-technology smart card that provides a single solution for seamless door, parking and gate control.

The iClass SE U90 reader allows users in a vehicle to activate gate control and the “don’t stop” hands-free access to parking iClass SE U90 reader combined with the UHF credentials offers companies a long-distance option for parking gate control and an additional benefit of improved vehicle flow through parking areas.

These long range HID solutions are now.

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Movie Park Amusement park Upgrades to Mitel Communications Solution

Movie Park, the popular amusement park in Germany, has upgraded it communications system to a Mitel solution. They have enhanced its contact center services, simplified maintenance and lower its annual costs by $17,000 a year. Since opening in 1996, the Park relies heavily on its communications technology to offer superior customer services. The decision to upgrade was guided by implementing future proof technology and integrating its computer telephony integration (CTI) system with Outlook, thereby improving collaboration. Using a single telephone number, along with other new features, the Mitel system will enable representatives to provide customers and travel agencies information faster than before. This will provide a higher level of customer support; a priority to the theme park. They can handle 12% more calls than before.

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Mitel Has Impressive Growth in the Cloud Based Industry!

As compared to the same time frame last year, while Mitel has showed a modest increase in revenue, it did show impressive growth in its mobile and cloud business units. Another achievement for Mitel is that it was positioned as an industry leader for UC in Gartner’s magic quadrant.

Richard McBee, the Chief Executive Officer at Mitel stated that Mitel’s cloud business grew 21% by adding 235,500 new cloud seats in the last quarter. Mitel’s cloud based telephone system, MiCloud, has over 1.6 million users. Good news for a Mitel and Comtex clients!

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