HID Global announced that it has added long-range ultrahigh frequency (UHF) solutions to its iClass series. This new solution will offer new options for opening doors and parking gates from a distance. It will provide a new level of convenience to users and enhance the flow of vehicles and people in and out of facilities.

The new long-range iClass SE readers and credentials will enable companies to combine parking gate and door access control on a single card. It will also allow the credentials to be read from inside a vehicle; up to 16.4 feet away from the reader. It has advanced encryption and there is a model that is weather resistant and extremely rugged for outdoor areas subject to harsh conditions. HID also produced a dual-technology smart card that provides a single solution for seamless door, parking and gate control.

The iClass SE U90 reader allows users in a vehicle to activate gate control and the “don’t stop” hands-free access to parking iClass SE U90 reader combined with the UHF credentials offers companies a long-distance option for parking gate control and an additional benefit of improved vehicle flow through parking areas.

These long range HID solutions are now.