DSX Access Control Dealers NJ

DSX Access Control Dealers NJ

Comtex Is A Licensed & Certified DSX Dealer In New Jersey

Comtex is a certified DSX Access Control dealer in NJ. DSX is a corporate that provides access control solutions to businesses looking to keep properties monitored and safe. Our licensed and certified access control dealers can setup your DSX access control system easily and affordably. If you want to learn more about access control systems and what is DSX access control, please reach out to Comtex today. We have 60+ years in the security industry and are a top trusted company located in East Rutherford.

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Choose Comtex - A Licensed Dealer For DSX Access Control Inc

DSX Access Control systems provide companies with an efficient and scalable solution that provides security, monitoring and keeps your property safe. In today's world it's crucial to use access control if you have a bustling corporate space, school or any other type of facility that should be monitored.

With DSX, you can easily add different elements such as new cardholders, entryways, and work stations without having to pay any other fees for licensing and/or usage. In cases such as these you would pay Comtex for the overall security expansion and nothing more which is a huge deal and very affordable.

But let's be honest, there's no price that can be determined for the price of your safety and security. With your DSX access control systems you are in good hands and Comtex offers solutions to meet you needs. With DSX, you can scale from using it on one entry way to a million very easily. It's the best solution your company needs and Comtex is a licensed DSX dealer in NJ you can trust.

The DSX Mobile Command Application

In order to fully optimize your DSX system, you will be using the DSX Mobile Command App. The application allows for different commands as setup and activated by the business it is providing security for. Comtex will help you install and set up everything too. So we know it sounds a bit complicated, however with a licensed DSX dealer like Comtex you have nothing to worry about.

Mobile users are predefined in WinDSX. From here they are given commands and privileges to be utilized with the DSX access control system. This convenient app is easily accessed from your smartphone's Android App or through Apple. It's easy to use, convenient and Comtex will explain everything for easy setup!

Why Choose Comtex For DSX Access Control Systems?

There are many reasons to choose Comtex for your DSX access control systems installation and setup in New Jersey. For one, even if your business is in a neighboring state, Comtex Inc is able to provide services to you as we have other locations as well.

In addition, we are a trusted brand that has decades of experience in the industry. We offer free site surveys and bring a level of quality to your access control systems that other providers and dealers do not have.

Comtex Is A Leading Dealer And Installer Of DSX Access Control Systems

Comtex is a leading dealer and installer of DSX access control systems in New Jersey. If you have a commercial space, it's crucial that it is properly monitored. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your access control systems.

We Are NJ's Top DSX Access Control Dealers