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Comtex Installed CCTV System Catches Thief!

Comtex client, Just Cats Veterinary Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut stated in an email “Money well spent” after the prime suspect in a string of burglaries was identified from surveillance video captured and recorded on a CCTV system purchased and installed by Comtex.

Just Cats was the victim of an attempted burglary. An named individual became the prime suspect when he appeared to be in a surveillance video that showed him pulling a crowbar out of a backpack and trying to force his way into the popular cat veterinarian’s practice. Police were able to identify the suspect; arrest and convict him. He will be serving time in jail.

If you are interested in a CCTV system, please go to our website or call us 201-935-2000

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Protect Your Business – Keep a Watch on It.

If you are the kind of person who understands the importance of good, effective security, then the first thing you are going to want to do as a consumer is make sure that you are familiar with the best items and devices on the market. There are a lot of different cameras and DVRs to choose from and they will make or break the effectiveness of your system. Comtex will design a system according to your  specific surveillance needs; protect property, assets, or employees, deter theft inside or outside of the premises, or simply just monitor employees productivity.

If you are the owner of an apartment building, you may want to have a CCTV system so you can know who is coming and going at all times. If you ever have a crime committed in the building, you will be able to check the footage from the DVR to find out who was entering the building at what time. If you are a business owner and you are concerned with theft, you are going to want to make sure that you are keeping an eye on both corrupt employees and potential shoplifters.

In other words, CCTV systems are great way to prevent crime and to catch the criminals who are already guilty of breaking the law. If you understand the importance of security and safety, you are going to want to make sure that you shop for the best CCTV on the market. This means that you are going to want to find the most affordable and effective models online.

Crime prevention is an important issue around the world and one of the best ways to address it is with the use of surveillance security system. A CCTV system uses one or more digital or IP cameras to monitor and transmit footage to a particular destination, whether that is a control room where several areas are being monitored concurrently by a human or simply being recorded to a DVR hard drive for reference when an event occurs and there is a need to

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CCTV Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Crime Fighting and Prevention Tools

A CCTV video surveillance camera system provides a significant function in our society because these systems fight and prevent crimes.  CCTV surveillance systems installed in public areas help deter crime, help civilians feel much safer, provide the police with leads or evidence as well as improve the surroundings of a crime-stricken neighborhood. Nowadays, most of these systems have been made digital for improved performance, easy maneuverability of the surveillance camera and produce faster feedback as compared to the analog systems.

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Analog vs. IP Video Surveillance Systems

There are 2 generations of technology for video surveillance systems. The first is the older analog based system and the second is the modern Internet Protocol (IP) based system. The biggest confusions are the cost of the 2 technologies and the relative effectiveness of them. This article attempts to provide a more precise big picture of cost benefits for a company considering a video surveillance system.

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Five Businesses to Utilize Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance is a type of security system that has been used for various reasons for many years. Security cameras have become a normalcy in today’s society, as banks, retail stores, retirement homes, and other public places have come to rely on the cameras.

There are many different situations that would benefit from the implication of video surveillance.

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Pharmacies Under Seige Installing CCTV Systems

There was an article in the New York Times on February 7, 2011 , by Abby Goodnough,  titled “Pharmacies Under Seige From Robbers Seeking Drugs.” Citing a rash of armed robberies at Maine drug stores last year, it appears drug addicts are so desperate to get their hands on painkillers, including OxyContin, that they will stop at nothing to feed their habit.   “Outside of hiring an armed guard to be here 24/7”, one pharmacy owner is refusing to sell the drug. Others are  investing in CCTV surveillance system systems to protect their  employees and customers. 

For over 50 years, Comtex has specialized in the design, installation and service of Digital and IP CCTV – video surveillance systems and access control systems. We offer 24/ 7 service and a free on site surveillance assessment in New Jersey NJ and New York NY.

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Secure Your Business

Is your business suffering from crime, or are you worried that you haven”t done enough to protect it? There are many different security measures you can take to ensure that your business, your stock, your employees and your customers are safe, and one of these is by installing a CCTV system.

We”re used to seeing surveillance  operations in our streets and in our shops, perhaps even in the place where we work, but would you put it in your business, and if so, why?

Peace of mind

Whether you have been the target of vandals or have experienced robbery or attacks, you need a security system that gives you peace of mind. While a digital surveillance system can”t always stop an attack, it can be a deterrent and it can provide valuable evidence that helps to identify the perpetrator, or to give the police a better idea about what took place. The knowledge that a CCTV system could make a would-be burglar change his or her mind or capture their face on file if they decide to go ahead is the reason that many people invest in CCTV systems.


Unlike many other security measures, CCTV is adaptable. This means you can start off with a small, relatively basic system and add cameras and monitors as and when you need to. You can decide to have static cameras in strategic places and remote-controlled cameras elsewhere. A good CCTV supplier can help to tailor a package that fits your needs.

Protects your staff and your customers

Your staff may have been subject to attack or verbal abuse, and your customers may not feel safe in your store.  A visible surveilance camera helps to protect your most important assets; your employees and your customers. For example, a monitored system could pick up the signs of trouble before anything actually occurs and staff can take immediate action.

It is worth considering whether you and your business could benefit from the installation of a CCTV system

For more information please visit our website at If you need more specific information, please visit these links; video surveillance systems, cameras, DVRs, and access control systems.

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Comtex Welcomes United States Coast Guard

Comtex is proud to announce our new client, the United States Coast Guard. We are pleased to add the United States Coast Guard as an addition to our already impressive client list and have this opportunity to work on such an extensive project. Our 51 years of experience in the industry has made our company a top surveillance vendor.

We installed a state of the art CCTV-Video Surveillance system for the US Coast Guard, including multiple cameras and a DVR. Comtex will work with the Coast Guard to maintain its security and surveillance needs.

The Comtex team welcomes all new clients. We are committed to applying our extensive experience to meet all of your security and surveillance needs.

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Covert Cameras Catch Perpetrators in the Act

Digital cameras and IP cameras are supplied, installed and maintained by Comtex and perform a major role in detecting and combating illegal activities. Covert cameras – the ultimate in spy cam technology – can be added to your CCTV installation to ensure that your needs are met.  Covert cameras are an effective way to stop employee or customer theft. They act as a deterrent too.  Tiny devices that can be hidden in places such as smoke alarms enable you to spy on perpetrators and catch them in the act.

Comtex is a leader in the design and installation of CCTV and video surveillance equipment.  We have been designing surveillance systems for over 50 years. From the initial inquiry, Comtex will perform a FREE site survey and security evaluation. We will use our 50+ years of experience to custom design your security system to address your particular security issues.

All of our CCTV systems come with a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE and we provide 24/7 emergency service.

Shopping for a complete video surveillance system can be confusing because there is such a variety of available products. Comtex’s goal is to guide you toward the best possible and most economical CCTV equipment based on your intended purpose and requirements.

We recommend that you beware of CCTV package deals at internet stores. While they may look like a great deal, there are issues to consider before you make this important investment. Low quality equipment, installation is not included (the most costly part of the system) and no local vendor to honor the warranty or provide future services for your system, will cost your business more in the end. The vendor you work with is more important than the equipment your purchase because your vendor programs and services your system before and after the installation.

Comtex’s extensive experience in the industry evidences our reliability and long term stability. We will be here to meet your future service needs.

For more information on video surveillance systems, cameras and DVRs, please go to our website at

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Comtex CCTV Video Surveillance Equipment- DVR in NJ

CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is the technology used in modern surveillance systems. Comtex recommends the use of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system that records high resolution digital images to a hard disk drive (HDD) and displays multiple camera images on a monitor. You may remotely view your business from any PC in the world with internet access, easily search archived videos by date, time and camera, and even control your camera views.

Off-site MonitoringDVR technology allows remote monitoring of live and archived recordings over your corporate network or from any PC that has a high speed connection. Off site, you can control the camera views. Comtex offers DVR models that offer 4, 8 or 16 camera views and recording configurations. You may even enlarge and zoom in on a still frame clip to view details of an image.

Ease of Search– Advanced search capabilities allow you to instantly get to relevant areas of the video, greatly reducing time spent viewing video clips. Rather than using the limited fast forward and rewind functions of a VCR, you may input search defined parameters such as the camera, date and time to find the exact clip you need. You can also playback video forward or backward up to 1000 times the normal VHS speed.

Image Capture — Digital images and the ability to control the viewing experience through software configuration greatly enhance the security experience. For instance, recordings do not have to be continuous. Each camera can be configured independently to record only when it detects motion or by a pre-defined schedule programmed in the DVR. If a motion is detect mode is used, months of video can be stored on a typical hard drive, saving on playback time and hard drive space.

Storage — Using a DVR eliminates the need to store,  maintain and change VHS tapes. No need to replace video tapes, ensuring continuous recording. As the images are stored digitally, the image quality will not degrade overtime, as would a VHS tape when recorded over multiple times. The size of the hard drive will dictate how much you can record.

Multi-Tasking– While analog VCRs can either record or play, a DVR has triple functionality. You can simultaneously review, record and playback up to 16 cameras. While you are viewing an archived video, the DVR can still be recording live action.

For more information on video surveillance systems, cameras and DVRs, please go to our website at