Samsung Prostar is a discontinued model, but still a big seller in the used and reconditioned phone marketplace. These phones are often referred to as hybrids, which means that they use both conventional switch technology and digital integration with your PC, PDA, and other digital devices. These phones are a great in-between step for growing businesses for which big, network-driven phone systems aren't practical, yet wants to keep up with the exciting new changes in technology.

Digital integration is one such change, and it has profoundly affected universal standards in business applications. These days, even small businesses can benefit immensely from digital integration, in which diverse applications such as phone, fax, and email can seamlessly converge. This convergence allows for much quicker completion of tasks, which leads to greater overall efficiency and better company-wide performance.

Samsung Prostar phones fit into this picture because they offer basic and advanced features necessary to any office. They also come with optional expandability features such as peripheral connectivity and an SMDR card, which allows you to view the complete details of incoming and outgoing calls. Prostar phones can be connected to fax lines, modems, or credit card processing devices using these expandability options.

A few of the many other features offered by Samsung Prostar phones include 16 DSS buttons, colored LEDs, and optional LCD displays. Also included are important call managing tools such as speed dialing, call waiting and forwarding, handsfree capability, conferencing, automatic attendant, and, of course, voicemail.

Written by R. Arieff