Small, family owned stores or large "big box" retail businesses all suffer the same problem: theft of money or inventory. Last year, alone, retailers brought in more than eight hundred billion dollars, but lost more than two hundred billion to "shrinkage." This shrinkage may result from outright, gun-toting robbers, to shoplifters, to untrustworthy employees.

In certain areas, vandalism can be a serious and costly consideration. Whatever the cause, Loss Prevention Equipment can significantly reduce or prevent such occurrences, and help local law enforcement successfully respond to those thefts that do happen.

Loss Prevention Equipment and technology have evolved rapidly in the past few years. There is a wide variety of sophisticated loss Prevention tools now readily available that allow for cost-effective configurations to suit virtually any retail business budget.

Depending on the availabilty of the the resources available for dedication to Loss Prevention Equipment, one, or a combination of the foregoing can provide a viable solution to your security needs.

CCTV or video surviallance systems, whether used with one camera, or a series of cameras, send its feed to a monitor or monitors, or a choice of recording devices. They can be hard-wired or wireless.

Cameras come in a very wide variety of shapes and sizes, from those that are conspicuously mounted to provide observation and deterrence, to small, virtually undetectable units, which can be used to monitor cash registers or other highly-sensitivity locations. Some are designed to automatically sense and adapt to varying lighting condition, while others are specialized to accommodate consistent dim lighting. Color or black and white transmission options are available. Dome cameras, similar to what may bee seen in casinos, located in ceiling areas, also allow for great coverage.

Single monitors can be configured to work in conjunction with multiple cameras, providing a "flip" sequence of images of specific areas; alternatively, several monitor can be linked with several cameras to provide constant surveillance of "hot spots."

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