Telephone technicians play a crucial role in the proper repair or installation of your new business phone system. There are many technicians available for the task. However, there are fewer that truly meet the criteria for excellence that today's integrated phone systems demand. The test of a good phone technician is not just expertise and experience, but also respect for the customer and good interpersonal skills.

Unfortunately, some installation companies employ technicians without much thought as to these qualities. These companies are only concerned about the bottom line, looking to employ technicians as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, in these cases, it's often the client who ends up paying the price. However, customers can protect themselves by choosing technicians according to the following set of criteria.

Finding Good Telephone Technicians

The first step is the most obvious. Customers should first determine if a phone technician is qualified to do the job. One easy way to do this is to look for technicians who are certified by telephone equipment manufacturers. Major manufacturers routinely provide certification for technicians who meet their standards for excellence. They also should be willing to with managers in a cooperative manner.

Second, choosing certified technicians with experience in that particular phone system gives customers extra assurance. Another great consumer tool is the power of referrals. Capable and experienced technicians will be able to provide you with a list of references that you can contact to find out what they thought of the technician's work. Finally, look for any awards, commendations, or special certifications. If technicians have them, they no doubt will be eager to show them to potential clients.

R. Arieff

Comtex has been in business for over 50 years. Several of our technicians have been employed here for over 20 years. Our employees are dedicated to their profession and our clients. Comtex technicians are certified by Samsung and Mitel to install and service those business phone systems. Comtex is the oldest Mitel dealers in New Jersey and we have been a certified Samsung dealer for over 20 years.