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Read This Before You Invest in a New Telephone System

There are many things to consider before investing in a new telephone system. While the equipment is extremely important, there are other factors that must be a part of the process; dial tone, system features and the vendor.

Your vendor is truly the most important part of this process. They will guide you through the process and you will rely on them to make this a smooth transition. After all, if your system does not work, you have no connection to your clients.

Most phone systems are the same with a few exceptions in features offered; the biggest decision is whether to use a hosted solution or invest in an on premise system. The more important decision is the vendor you choose to implement your communication platform. You should align your business with a vendor, like Comtex, who has the ability, experience and product knowledge to get the best out of your investment, through effective programming, repair and ongoing support.

Comtex has evidenced its business longevity in the telecom field with over 56 years of customer support and satisfaction.

Questions to ask your on premise vendor:

  • How long have you been in business? (evidences experience)
  • How many years have you been a certified dealer for the systems you sell? (evidences experience with programming and service)
  • When did the system come to market?
  • How many technicians do you employ?
  • How many programmers do you employ?
  • Do you offer 24/7 emergency service?
  • Is there a live person during working hours to take my calls?
  • Do you hire subcontractors?
  • Did you offer references?
  • What is your warranty?

Our industry has “trunkers’. A one man shop, with a professional website, with pictures of “employees”. In reality they have no office (they use the home address), no warehouse to stock replacement equipment, hire subcontractors to assist them when they need more manpower and send all incoming calls to a cell phone. This may impact your future service needs.

You want a vendor who has a reputation in the industry; one who will be there for you before, during and after the installation. The true test if after the installation when you need changes, upgrades or support.


You should compile a list of your dial tone carrier(s) and internet provider and a copy of your most recent bills.

The first piece of information you should know is when the carrier contracts expire. You may want or need to switch carriers. Please call your dial tone and internet carriers to confirm the date your contract expires and have them put it in writing. Mark your calendar 2 months prior to that date to investigate other carriers. Also find out when you must give notice in writing to the carrier. (usually 30 days prior to contract expiration).

Your dial tone may impact the features you want to use in your new system. For example, you need a PRI or SIP trunks for DIDs (direct inward dialing), an out of state phone number to ring into your office or to send calls to a cell phone. You should contact your current dial tone carrier(s) if you are under any contract term. You do not want to buy a system and not be able to connect to the type of dial tone that you will need for certain features.

Your will need to contact your internet provider to find out if you have a static IP address and confirm your current bandwidth at your office. The new phone systems require a static IP address to allow the phone vendor to remotely access your phone system for programming and diagnostics. You will also need sufficient bandwidth if you are using IP phone and SIP trunks. Your phone vendor will help you with these things.


The configuration and features of a system and the cabling in your office, will help your vendor determine which type of system, hosted or on premise, would work best for your company.

  • What type of cabling do you currently have going to your phones? CAT3 voice or CAT5 data?
  • How many telephones do you want in the office?
  • Do you need any analog phones/devices in the system (cordless phone, fax or conference phone)?
  • Do you have more than one office location? If so, do you want the locations connected?
  • Are there any remote (off site) workers that you want connected to the system?
  • Do you want any enterprise features? ACD, voice mail to email, calls to a cell phone, contact center solutions, etc.
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North America Will Lead Card Based Access Control

Future Market Insights, a research firm in India, projects that the electronic card based access control market in North America will increase by almost $1 billion dollars over the next 6 years; market share in 2014 was approximately $2 billion and it is expected to increase to $3 billion by 2020.

Pallavi Guhe, senior consultant at Future Market Insights told Security Systems News that the North American market is expected to surpass all other global regions in the electronic card based market. She said that the 2014 global value was approximately $6 billion and it will increase close to $11 billion by 2020.

The report discusses two types of access control cards: smart cards and proximity cards. The report did not state which type of technology is the currently the most popular or which will prevail in the future. The report also reviewed the market by types of end-users; government, commercial, industrial, and residential.

“Commercial and industrial end-user segments are expected to lead the global market by value. Additionally, these segments are expected to show the leading growth rates for coming five years as compared to other end-user segments,” she said. Guhe said that crime and terrorist activities are driving the increase in market growth.

Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions are increasing demand for card access control system, said Guhe.

If your business is in need of an access control system, please visit our website or call us at 201-935-2000.

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Video Conferencing in Mitel MiVoice Office 250 is Here!

After great demand, Mitel has introduced video conferencing to the Mitel MiVoice Office 250 system with the state of the art UC360 conference unit. Once only available to enterprise level clients using the Mitel Business platform, now small to medium businesses can take advantage of this game changer and play in the big league. You can even record the conference!

Getting a phone with video conferencing capabilities allows businesses to directly connect with their clients. When face-to-face communication is impossible, either because of geographical distance or busy schedules, making a meaningful connection can be a challenge. A tactful salesperson might be able to build confidence using only their voice but for more established business relationships, it becomes necessary to get the full picture. This is exactly why videoconference technology has become routine in forward-thinking companies.

Mitel has been the leading innovator of business communication systems for decades, offering a wide range of different phones for different purposes. The UC360 conference unit was only was available on the Mitel Business system; its enterprise level phone system- up until now. In response to popular demand, Mitel just introduced the 6.1 software platform for the MiVoice Office 250 system; this brings the enterprise level video conferencing feature right into the offices of the small to medium businesses. The MiVoice Office 250 is the complete package; enterprise solutions that maximize convenience and utility.

The UC360 is a state of the art audio conferencing unit, a presentation tool and when used with a high definition video camera, it is an HD video conferencing unit. Plus, with its USB connection and SD card slot, you can connect a laptop or add an SD card and easily present materials at client or employee meetings.

Incorporating a built-in DHCP server, the Mitel UC360 conference phone also enables users to manage contacts more efficiently, without the need for an additional network device, or administrator attention. Mitel’s priority has always been streamlining business communication, and upgrade to the MiVoice Office 250 is just more proof of that.

The UC360 conference unit opens a whole new world of possibilities for businesses, allowing employees to work remotely with greater ease, and fostering better longstanding business relationships with partners and clients all over the world. Having the opportunity to make a direct connection with the people you work with means an increased ability to exchange ideas, resources, and time. Soon, this invaluable tool will be a staple in every successful business.

And if you’re looking to have your Mitel system installed professionally, Comtex should be at the top of your list for installation, programming and service. Relying on experience is a no-brainer, and with over 56 years of experience, Comtex is far and away the leader of the pack. Contact us for more information.

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HID Global Introduces Hands-free Parking and Gate Control Readers

HID Global announced that it has added long-range ultrahigh frequency (UHF) solutions to its iClass series. This new solution will offer new options for opening doors and parking gates from a distance. It will provide a new level of convenience to users and enhance the flow of vehicles and people in and out of facilities.

The new long-range iClass SE readers and credentials will enable companies to combine parking gate and door access control on a single card. It will also allow the credentials to be read from inside a vehicle; up to 16.4 feet away from the reader. It has advanced encryption and there is a model that is weather resistant and extremely rugged for outdoor areas subject to harsh conditions. HID also produced a dual-technology smart card that provides a single solution for seamless door, parking and gate control.

The iClass SE U90 reader allows users in a vehicle to activate gate control and the “don’t stop” hands-free access to parking iClass SE U90 reader combined with the UHF credentials offers companies a long-distance option for parking gate control and an additional benefit of improved vehicle flow through parking areas.

These long range HID solutions are now.

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Movie Park Amusement park Upgrades to Mitel Communications Solution

Movie Park, the popular amusement park in Germany, has upgraded it communications system to a Mitel solution. They have enhanced its contact center services, simplified maintenance and lower its annual costs by $17,000 a year. Since opening in 1996, the Park relies heavily on its communications technology to offer superior customer services. The decision to upgrade was guided by implementing future proof technology and integrating its computer telephony integration (CTI) system with Outlook, thereby improving collaboration. Using a single telephone number, along with other new features, the Mitel system will enable representatives to provide customers and travel agencies information faster than before. This will provide a higher level of customer support; a priority to the theme park. They can handle 12% more calls than before.

If you have an interest in  Mitel system, please call us at 201-935-2000 or visit us at

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Mitel Has Impressive Growth in the Cloud Based Industry!

As compared to the same time frame last year, while Mitel has showed a modest increase in revenue, it did show impressive growth in its mobile and cloud business units. Another achievement for Mitel is that it was positioned as an industry leader for UC in Gartner’s magic quadrant.

Richard McBee, the Chief Executive Officer at Mitel stated that Mitel’s cloud business grew 21% by adding 235,500 new cloud seats in the last quarter. Mitel’s cloud based telephone system, MiCloud, has over 1.6 million users. Good news for a Mitel and Comtex clients!

Call us for a free telecom analysis and a demo of the Mitel system. 201-935-2000 or visit our website at

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Comtex Surveillance System Saves Client $$ and Aggravation!

One of our existing clients, who chooses to remain anonymous but allowed us to post this story, invested in a surveillance system purchased and installed by Comtex. An employee, who was being disciplined with the intent of termination, had claimed to have been injured at a specific location and time. Our client reviewed the video footage and found no evidence that this “injury” occurred. Our client showed it to the insurance company and they denied the claim. Our client told us that footage “saved them from losing thousands of dollars.”

This same client, in the following month, had an employee who was moving some welding gas tanks in an unsafe way. The client had reviewed the footage and after confronting the employee with the evidence of his unsafe actions, he accepted termination without complaint.

Our client wrote us and stated:
“It turns out that the decision to purchase the system, made for completely different reasons, has benefited us in unexpected ways. Often I find that decisions I struggle with considering what I think are the important factors turn out better or worse because of things I didn’t anticipate.”

If you have an interest in a video surveillance system, please visit our website at or callus at 201-935-2000

Mitel IP Telephones Posts

Mitel Intends to Double In Size Within 3 Years

Mitel has three categories of expansion in mind; contact center, mobility verticals and the cloud. They have acquired companies in these divisions so that they can consolidate their growth.

Mitel recently acquired Mavenir Systems to expand its mobile capabilities and capitalize on the demand for wireless 4G LTE services. This acquisition will expand Mitel’s footprint to over 130 service providers and mobile operators; it will cover billion subscribers globally.

Mitel is also building on its contact center solution as an essential compliment to its cloud communications, voice and collaboration services. The Prairie-Frye and OAISYS acquisitions making this possible. Companies are increasingly looking for contact center call recording and quality management solutions to enable data to be converted into official business intelligence; this is an invaluable resource for all organizations.

Mitel is also active in IP based communication solutions. They offer cloud-based telephony services and a wide range of network services. MiCloud is a Mitel hosted platform for voice communications. You can easily add most of the enterprise options that were once only available to big businesses because of the cost of implementation.

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Mitel UC360 Conference Phone is Awesome!

The Mitel UC360 conference unit is a state of the art audio conferencing unit, and a presentation tool. When it is used in connection with an HD video camera, it becomes a high definition video conferencing unit. This unit can replace the traditional overhead projector by using a USB socket and SD card slot for presentation material.

Best part is that you do not need to connect this unit to a Mitel system! Everyone can use it.

The UC360 has a modern bright blue light that emanates from the circular border of the speaker when in use and provides  an intuitive touch screen user interface. Besides style, it offers high tech functionality and features that are a must have for conferencing and collaboration.

The UC360 gives users everything they need to turn collaboration from a special event, into a natural part of every workday.

Features at a Glance:

  • 16 microphones
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • USB port for presentations
  • HD Video
  • Four Party Conference Bridge

Call us for a quote for the Mitel UC360 Conference unit. 201-935-2000 or visit our website

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Hyatt Hotels Prefer Mitel Telephone Systems

Did you know that 70% of Hyatt hotels in North America are using Mitel solutions; 155,500+ rooms. 97,000+ associates. 565+ Hotels and resorts. 50 countries. One communication standard—Mitel.

Mitel’s reputation as a leading provider of hospitality communication solutions has been achieved through a long-term commitment to improve guest experience and increase operational efficiency. Our customers enjoy flexible, scalable and secure communications designed to meet the needs of small and economy hotels through to some of the world’s most famous luxury hotels.

If you have an interest in Mitel’s hospitality solution, please call us at 201-935-2000 or visit our website at