CCTV Security Systems Bergen County

CCTV Security Systems Bergen County NJ

For CCTV security systems in Bergen County, NJ - Comtex is the #1 provider and installer. CCTV video surveillance is a popular security measure for businesses in Bergen County NJ. CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, is a video surveillance system that uses cameras to capture images or footage of an area. This footage can be monitored in real-time or recorded for later review. CCTV systems offer a number of benefits over traditional security measures and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

A Top CCTV Provider And Installer In Bergen County

Keeping your business safe is a priority at Comtex. Comtex offers Bergen County businesses such as you the best CCTV installation and solutions including security cameras, digital recording equipment (DVR and NVR), monitors as well other essential accessories. Our customer support and services will always ensure effective surveillance, anytime anywhere!

Every day our team will remotely confirm that all systems are working properly or if there's an issue we'll contact you immediately so both parties can take care of it right away- because no one wants unsafe conditions anywhere near their place(s).

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CCTV Security Systems

cctv installer Bergen County NJ

We have everything you need to keep an eye on your business from anywhere in the world. Whether it's a new surveillance camera system, DVR and NVRs with user-friendly interfaces for easy access through mobile apps - we're here at all hours of day!

Maintaining security within buildings is essential; Comtex will help make sure that nothing gets past your business security. It's an important part of having a business - you want to make sure it's properly secure and protected with our CCTV security systems and services.

cctv security systems Bergen County NJ

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CCTV Systems: What You Need To Consider

Comtex will carefully take note of these important considerations with regard to your business and our solutions.

System Purpose

Why are you installing a CCTV security system? Understanding this will help us find you the perfect solution.

Camera Type

We have a variety of camera types which all have different capabilities. Learn more by giving us a call.

Storage Capacity

How much storage space will be needed based on your business requirements. Call us to learn more.

Remote Monitoring

Would you like to be able to utilize remote monitoring and keeping track of CCTV footage through a mobile device or third party?


What is the perfect setup for recording your events? One option includes using an NVR with built-in access control system like DSX or Openpath installed on it!


We will be sure to notify you and you can set your required notification preferences. This is an important part of monitoring.

For CCTV Security Systems Bergen County NJ Choose Comtex!