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Which Company In NJ For Business Security Systems

Which Company in NJ Should I Use for Business Security Systems?

Are you wondering which company in NJ should I use for business security systems? When it comes to your business, nothing is better than having a good security system in place. You want something that is going to protect your business while you are not there. We will talk about some of the items that you should consider when installing a security system in your business. These items are general items that people should think of when they are installing systems to a business. Keep in mind that some of these are not even part of the security system, just items you should do when you have a business. 

We will now proceed to answer which company in NJ should I use for business security systems.

Important tips to protect your small business
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Which Company Is The Best Security Systems Provider In New Jersey

Finding a security system can be difficult. However, we are going to make it a little easier. We will be talking about what you should look for when you are thinking about installing a security system on your business. These are tips that can help you better understand how to protect your business no matter how big or small it may be.

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Comtex Is A Leading Provider Of Business Security Systems

However, we know that doing the research on your own can be a little time consuming. Comtex Inc. is a leading provider of business security systems in New Jersey. With a location in Bergen County, NJ, Comtex is your all-in-one solution for all of your business needs. Their address is 29 Poplar St, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 and you can view the Comtex NJ location right here!

PRO TIP: Learn more about Bergen County NJ CCTV installation before continuing with this post! We know it will be very informative and help your business maintain the highest level of security!

What To Look For In The Best Business Security Systems Provider In NJ

App Accessibility

When it comes to a security system, you want to have one that can be easily accessible on an app. This will allow you to monitor the cameras on a single app. However, you also want to make sure that you can use it in the business as well. You do not want it to just be on your phone. 

Keep in mind that you will be receiving alerts as well when you have the mobile app. Some mobile apps will send unusual activity during rest hours. This activity will alert you on the mobile app. It allows you to save your business faster. 

Be sure that you are checking reviews on applications before you download them. It will help you better determine if the app is a desirable choice for you or not. 

PRO TIP: Read this post to learn who is the best access control system installer in NJ! Whether you choose Openpath or DSX, Comtex is a great provider!

Professional Monitoring 

Having someone who can help monitor your cameras is good too. You can have people monitor your cameras with some systems as well. This professional monitoring will allow you to keep your business safe while you are at home or away on vacation. Your business will always be kept safe with a security system


With some systems, you may be given the option to monitor the cameras yourself. This will allow you to have access from your cellular device, PC, or work computer systems. You will be able to view the cameras wherever you may be. This may be something to think about if you plan on ever going on vacation while the business is still running. 

Having these cameras will make sure employees are doing what they are supposed to, and that people are not doing anything they are not supposed to. Being able to monitor the cameras yourself is something that you should learn how to do and take pride in doing. This is where you can see what is going on no matter what time of day or night. 

which company should I use for business security systems
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Backup on Cell Phones

Many people do not realize that their phone’s hold most of the power when it comes to security systems. Your security system may or may not have an option to have your video surveillance backed up on your phone. For example, if there is odd movement or a video section that you need to save, you can save it to your phone through some of the applications. 

Partnerships And Brands

You should learn who the company partners with. Some businesses will partner with large companies such as Google to help people store their surveillance better. Some people will partner with other companies to help have an area to store the footage. 

This is important because you want to know where your surveillance is being stored. You do not want just anyone to have access to your video footage. If it falls into the wrong hands, they know where everything would be to take. 

Determine what works best for you. When a surveillance company has a partnership, it usually is used to enhance the product. This means that a camera could partner with Google and there would be storage space available within Google for their surveillance. 

Other Considerations When Looking For Business Security Solutions

Business History 

You want to make sure that the business you are getting the security system from has honest reviews. You also want to see how long they have been in business. This will help you better understand if they know what they are doing or not. It is better to trust a business that has more reviews and more experience than someone who has little experience. You want something done right, you call those who have the best deals, the most experience, and the best warranties. 

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

You want to ensure that the security system you are installing offers both indoor and outdoor cameras. There should be a package that offers both. This is to ensure that you have protection on the inside of your business and the outside. This helps ensure that if something happens to your business, you are protected. You will be able to see what happened in all directions. 

Make sure that their outdoor cameras are high-quality and able to withstand the elements. Ask the security system company how well their cameras hold up during the elements. You need a camera that is going to withstand storms. If the cameras are not able to withstand the elements, then you should find another more reliable camera system. 


The best security systems have a warranty. A warranty guarantees that the product will last a certain time. If it does not, then there will be a replacement of the materials. This will help ensure that you are protecting the money that you spend on a security system. 

For example, if you spend money on a security system and it malfunctions, you need to ensure that you can get a replacement. If you do not have a warranty, that replacement will come out of your pocket as a whole new setup. If you have a warranty, the warranty will cover the costs to replace the materials that should have held up longer than they did. Having a warranty guarantees that your money is worth it. 

Installation Services

You want to find a company that will install the cameras for you. You want the entire system to be set up and work properly. Setting up a security system yourself is a lot of work and can take a lot of time. Plus, if you do not know exactly what you are doing, it will possibly not work.

Find a company who takes pride in their installation process. Generally, there is a small fee for installation if you purchase the system through the same company. In some instances, installation will be free with the purchase of one of their systems. 


Make sure that you are not signing any ridiculous contracts. Some security system services will require you to sign a contract for three years. However, think about that. In three years, you may have moved, found another system that works better, or just need a better system. However, you are locked into a contract with that company. 

If you are signing a contract, make sure that everything in it sounds reasonable. Make sure that the representative goes over all the information with you. Do not skip out on reading the contract. You want to know exactly what is in it so that you can rest easy knowing you did not sign your life away. 

Why Do I Need a Security System?

You need to install a security system inside and outside your business to better protect your business. When your business has security cameras, thieves tend to stay away. Cameras and lights will deter those who are looking to steal or break into your business. 

Plus, a security system allows only the employees in and keeps everyone else out during hours of non-operation. Those who need assistance will enter through the front doors and employees will enter through the employee entrance with their keys. 

You can monitor who comes in and out of your business much easier with a security system. Plus, if anything goes missing or money turns up missing, you can check the security cameras to see what happened. You can also check security cameras when a burglary happens to see who the culprit is. 

The Best Company In NJ For Business Security Systems

Having a security system for your business is essential. Not only can you see who enters and exits the building, you can also determine who is doing their job and who is slacking. This will allow you to see who could use improvement within the company and who is doing good. You will also find that you can determine who may have broken into your business if that were to happen. For the best security systems and advice, you should call Comtex Inc. They offer services from security system installation to business telephone systems setup and installation. If you are in need of a security system for your new or existing business, calling Comtex Inc. will be a smart choice.  They are located at address 29 Poplar St, East Rutherford, NJ 07073. Take a look at their location below!

You should now have a better idea of which company in NJ should I use for business security systems and we hope you choose Comtex!

Security Systems

Important Tips To Protect Your Small Business

8 Important Tips To Protect Your Small Business 

Do you want to know 8 important tips to protect your small business? This post will tell you everything you need to know. So businesses – listen up! We’ll be discussing the important security measures you should be taking. So read on to learn 8 important tips to protect your small business!

Good Security Is Crucial!

Security is an important aspect when it comes to a small business. You may not think that security is important if you are just starting out. However, even if you are just starting out, security is important. You do not want your hard work to be gone in the blink of an eye. 

Taking Care of Your Small Business 

It is essential that you take care of your business with the right security systems provider and products to keep your business safe. You need to take the proper precautions when it comes to your small business. Let us look at 8 common tips that you should know when it comes to protecting your small business. 

8 Tips You Need To Protect Your Business Propertly

TIP 1: Always Take Cybersecurity Seriously 

As the world progresses, much of our economy is online. This does not matter if you have a large business or a small business. Having internet is very important for businesses across the globe. However, with internet, there are many risks as well. From malware to hackers, it can wreck your small business if not managed properly.

best cctv installer in Bergen County
best cctv installer in Bergen County NJ is Comtex Inc

For this reason, you will want to take cybersecurity very seriously. And there are many things you can do to make sure your internet systems are protected.

TIP 2: Make Sure to Light it Up 

A burglar will be happier if it is darker. It is essential that you light up your business. If you do not light up your business, it becomes a place where a burglar can hide. A criminal will look for areas that are not well-lit so be sure to keep your business safe in this way. 

You will often find areas that are in dark areas without light at night. These areas are high-risk areas because it is easier for a burglar to hide. To help deter any criminal interests, ensure that your business is well-lit. 

TIP 3: Use Security Systems 

A security system is one of the best things you can do for your small business. A CCTV security camera system will alert the authorities before you have the chance to. Even if you are not in the building, the police will be there because of the alarm trigger. There are many different systems available on the market. If you are looking for a high-quality security system, contact Comex. 

TIP 4: New Locks 

If you are a new business, it is likely that your locks are from the previous owner. It is best to replace all the locks on your business after purchase. This will ensure that no one else has the keys. This also ensures that no one else will be able to enter the building. 

While this does not happen often, it can happen. A previous employee may have a key or even the previous owner. It is best to be safe and change your locks. 

You an also use an access control system such as Openpath so employees can enter freely and safely. Read this article to learn who is the best access control system installer in NJ.

TIP 5: Keys 

Be sure that keys are only given out to those who need them. If you need to hand out keys to employees, ensure that you get all keys back before they leave. If an employee leaves with a key, make sure that you are changing the locks. This will help ensure that your business is protected. 

Many businesses will charge an employee the price of the key and lock. If there is more than one lock that uses the same key, they may also be charged for the price to change the lock. This often will come out of a paycheck. 

TIP 6: NEVER Do This One Thing!

You should never leave a spare key lay around your small business. This is just a problem waiting to happen. Always keep keys in a safe place and with your person. This will help keep unwanted people out of your small business as well. 

Always make sure the master key is in a safe place. This key will be essential if you or someone else in the company loses their keys. 

TIP 7: Install Alarm Systems

With many advancements in technology, there are many new types of systems that you can have installed. You can have video, telephone, and access controls. These are all types of systems that will help you better protect your small business. 

In addition video surveillance is always a good idea and can trigger an alarm system if something goes wrong. Companies such as Comtex service New Jersey and parts of New York with CCTV surveillance systems, installation services, security cameras and access control.

cctv company Bergen County
CCTV company near me Bergen County NJ

TIP 8: Install Necessary Items 

You will also find out that your business may need more than just security. You will want to have the best systems for every aspect of your business. From cabling infrastructure to networking and beyond. To do that you will want to have someone who helps manage your IT services and someone who can offer cabling services. Plus, if you need, a paging system may also be useful. 

These are all items that are necessary for a small business to thrive. Comex has over sixty years of experience. Contact Comex for more information about pricing and services offered. 

Wrapping Up: Important Tips To Protect Your Small Business

You can never be too careful when it comes to your small business. That is why it is essential that you take care of everything listed. Make sure you have new locks and new keys. Make sure you install a security system of some sort.

If you need assistance with installation and security systems, contact Comex. They will help you determine what is best for your small business. Take a look at their location on the map below and reach out when you can with any questions you may have.

You should now know some important tips to protect your small business and we wish you all the best.

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Comtex Surveillance System Saves Client $$ and Aggravation!

One of our existing clients, who chooses to remain anonymous but allowed us to post this story, invested in a surveillance system purchased and installed by Comtex. An employee, who was being disciplined with the intent of termination, had claimed to have been injured at a specific location and time. Our client reviewed the video footage and found no evidence that this “injury” occurred. Our client showed it to the insurance company and they denied the claim. Our client told us that footage “saved them from losing thousands of dollars.”

This same client, in the following month, had an employee who was moving some welding gas tanks in an unsafe way. The client had reviewed the footage and after confronting the employee with the evidence of his unsafe actions, he accepted termination without complaint.

Our client wrote us and stated:
“It turns out that the decision to purchase the system, made for completely different reasons, has benefited us in unexpected ways. Often I find that decisions I struggle with considering what I think are the important factors turn out better or worse because of things I didn’t anticipate.”

If you have an interest in a video surveillance system, please visit our website at or callus at 201-935-2000

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Using Cameras to Stop Drivers from Illegally Passing Stopped School Buses

Iowa is looking to purchase CCTV cameras to help enforce an Iowa law that increased penalties for drivers who illegally drive past a school bus if it is stopped on a road.

The law, typically referred to as Kadyn’s Law, suspends a driver’s privileges for 30 days for a first conviction, increasing it to 90 days for a second conviction and 180 days for a third conviction. The law was promulgated in response to the 2011 death of 7-year-old Kadyn Halverson, who was hit by a car when she was crossing the road to board a school bus.

Randy Meyer, who oversees transportation  at Mason City and Clear Lake schools, believes an exterior camera on school buses are needed to assist in identifying more violators. Without the camera, it is hard to identify a car when the violation occurs because they drive by so fast. Only about 10% of drivers who pass the buses illegally get reported to the police.If a license plate can be captured on video, a potential violator may think twice and stop.


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Comtex has a New Website

Comtex has a new website! Please come view it and give us any feedback or comments.

Comtex is a Telephone, CCTV and Access Control vendor. We have been servicing clients for over 55 years.

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Protect Your Business – Keep a Watch on It.

If you are the kind of person who understands the importance of good, effective security, then the first thing you are going to want to do as a consumer is make sure that you are familiar with the best items and devices on the market. There are a lot of different cameras and DVRs to choose from and they will make or break the effectiveness of your system. Comtex will design a system according to your  specific surveillance needs; protect property, assets, or employees, deter theft inside or outside of the premises, or simply just monitor employees productivity.

If you are the owner of an apartment building, you may want to have a CCTV system so you can know who is coming and going at all times. If you ever have a crime committed in the building, you will be able to check the footage from the DVR to find out who was entering the building at what time. If you are a business owner and you are concerned with theft, you are going to want to make sure that you are keeping an eye on both corrupt employees and potential shoplifters.

In other words, CCTV systems are great way to prevent crime and to catch the criminals who are already guilty of breaking the law. If you understand the importance of security and safety, you are going to want to make sure that you shop for the best CCTV on the market. This means that you are going to want to find the most affordable and effective models online.

Crime prevention is an important issue around the world and one of the best ways to address it is with the use of surveillance security system. A CCTV system uses one or more digital or IP cameras to monitor and transmit footage to a particular destination, whether that is a control room where several areas are being monitored concurrently by a human or simply being recorded to a DVR hard drive for reference when an event occurs and there is a need to

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CCTV Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Crime Fighting and Prevention Tools

A CCTV video surveillance camera system provides a significant function in our society because these systems fight and prevent crimes.  CCTV surveillance systems installed in public areas help deter crime, help civilians feel much safer, provide the police with leads or evidence as well as improve the surroundings of a crime-stricken neighborhood. Nowadays, most of these systems have been made digital for improved performance, easy maneuverability of the surveillance camera and produce faster feedback as compared to the analog systems.

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Analog vs. IP Video Surveillance Systems

There are 2 generations of technology for video surveillance systems. The first is the older analog based system and the second is the modern Internet Protocol (IP) based system. The biggest confusions are the cost of the 2 technologies and the relative effectiveness of them. This article attempts to provide a more precise big picture of cost benefits for a company considering a video surveillance system.

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Comtex NJ review on Google Places

Cant get any better service than this! Comtex is seriously awesome. They hooked us up with an awesome phone system for probably half of what the other companies wanted. Fast and friendly service. I conveniently email Cheryl and Anne when I have a question, and they get back to me right away. It’s like they work 24/7!! If you need a phone system or cameras installed, this is the place to go. They are excellent!

Thank you Daniel from Guardian Fence. We apprecaite the wonderful review you left us on Google and have reprinted it on our blog.

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Why Invest in an Access Control System?

It is true that any business today, whether large or small will have something that it needs to protect. This may be information or it simply may be company assets, such as electronics within the building. It company may also need to protect staff members and their belongings. However, in many businesses today, this can be difficult. Many businesses still rely on the old-fashioned key to allow access in and out of a building and the doors to a building where people may be working are generally unlocked throughout the working day. This is why many people choose to invest in access control.