CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV Security Camera Systems

With CCTV security camera systems, Comtex will give you the power to know exactly what is happening in your business, 24 hours a day. Whether you’re monitoring your workforce, guarding assets, securing your premises, or protecting employees, you can be confident that a CCTV system installed by Comtex will keep you secure. We are a top CCTV security camera systems provider for businesses.

We provide a full selection of security cameras, digital recording equipment (DVR and NVR), monitors, and other essential accessories to ensure effective surveillance. All CCTV systems have a one year GUARANTEE that includes the Comtex Proactive Support Program. Each business day, Comtex will remotely confirm the working performance or your cameras and recording devices (DVR or NVR). If we detect an issue, we will notify you and schedule a service visit.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have been deploying thermal cameras in entryways to help companies quickly screen visitors to detect a high temperature.

To provide additional security, our CCTV systems integrate with our DSX and Openpath access control systems that provide an extra level of protection by permitting or restricting individuals' physical access to your site, building, or room.

CCTV Security Camera Systems

Comtex CCTV Security Systems

Comtex provides a full selection of cctv security camera systems, digital recording equipment (DVR and NVR), monitors, . Our extensive range of CCTV equipment features the latest technology and security innovations. and other essential accessories to ensure effective surveillance.

Our systems are designed to monitor your workforce, secure staff and visitors, limit business liability, and secure your property and premises. Our camera images are crystal clear, our DVR and NVRs have user-friendly interfaces, and the mobile apps ensure your ability to remotely watch live camera views from anywhere in the world. You can choose to store your recordings locally or in the cloud for added protection and storage.

DVRs and NVRs

Security Cameras

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Body Temperature Cameras

License Plate Recognition

CCTV System Considerations

For optimal security and system performance, your CCTV specialist will investigate the following:


What is the system's primary purpose? Do you intend to use it for observation, recording, deterrence, evidence, or a combination of the above?

Camera Selection

Bullet, Dome, PTZ, Covert, night vision? Do you need a camera with a specific function, such as capturing a license plate or detecting a high fever?

Storage Capacity

How much storage space is required? How long do you need to store the footage? Do you need to archive the recordings? Are you recording only movement or everything?

Remote & Mobile Monitoring

Do you want access to your CCTV footage from anywhere using Wi-Fi or data on your desktop computer, tablet, MAC, iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile phone?


Your recording device will dictate your recording and viewing options, remote access, networking, camera types, cabling, and storage amount. Only an NVR can integrate with a DSX or Openpath access control system.


When suspicious activity is detected, do you want notifications sent by email, or an iOS/Android app? This will offer peace of mind and allow a quick response to potential threats.

Have our experts design a CCTV System that's right for you!

The Comtex CCTV System Deployment Process

Comtex proudly offers a guided planning and installation process for all of our CCTV Security Camera Systems.

Site Survey: Comtex recommends an on-site consultation to assess your security concerns. Camera selection is not based only on resolution. Our highly experienced engineers will assess each desired area of view to determine each camera's placement because angle distance and lighting conditions may infringe camera views.

System Design: Based on the information collected at the site survey, your CCTV security system will be carefully designed as a turnkey solution to ensure optimal equipment performance, reliability, and investment protection.

Detailed Quote: Our CCTV specialist prepares a detailed quote for your review and signature.

Installation: A project manager is assigned to your CCTV installation. Our dedicated CCTV crew will install your system in a clean and professional manner.

Certification: The Comtex team perfects every camera view and tests the recording equipment for performance.

Training: A Comtex team member will review the system functionality and train your designated employees on the system.

Comtex Guarantee and Proactive Support Program: All work performed is backed by our 1-year guarantee and, with written authorization, we will remotely confirm that the system is working every business day. If there is an issue, we proactively schedule a site visit to service the system.

Service Contracts: Upon the expiration of your 1 year guarantee, Comtex offers an option to sign up for our annual service contract which includes our Proactive Support Program, or you may be billed for our services on a time and material basis. You choose.

Questions? We have answers. Our on site dedicated customer service and technical support team are only a call away.

"Renewal by Andersen has been using Comtex for our phone requirements for several years. They have always been very attentive to our needs and responsive if we have any concerns. Comtex is educated in the latest technology available. As we grow and our phone system requirements increase it is good to know that Comtex will be there to support those requirements and can recommend the best solutions on the market."

Working With Comtex Is a Stress-Free Experience

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You won't find any company that works harder than we do!

60+ Years Experience

Our longevity in the industry proves we will be there to support your system long after deployment.

Local On-Site Customer Support

Our dedicated tech support team is on-site and always available to help. No call queue or hold times!

5-Star Customer Reviews

We're devoted to excellent customer service and support. We have all 5-star Google reviews!

Trained & Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified to maintain, program, and support our systems.

24/7 Emergency Service

Comtex offers 24 hours, 7 days a week, emergency service response.

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