It is true that any business today, whether large or small will have something that it needs to protect. This may be information or it simply may be company assets, such as electronics within the building. It company may also need to protect staff members and their belongings. However, in many businesses today, this can be difficult. Many businesses still rely on the old-fashioned key to allow access in and out of a building and the doors to a building where people may be working are generally unlocked throughout the working day. This is why many people choose to invest in access control.
An access control system is an electronic way of allowing people who have a right to be within the building into the building, and those who have no right to be within a building no access. Each member of staff will be issued with a small token that allows keyless entry. This token, when shown at a door fitted with electronic access control will allow the owner to enter through the door. The door will then lock automatically once closed and will not reopen until another token is used.

The electronic access control system has a number of advantages over using the simple key. Not only is it not necessary to carry around a large bunch of keys but the locks on the doors will never again have to be changed if a key is lost or stolen. Any token can be barred from the keyless access system at any time, thus meaning that if a token is lost or stolen, or simply not returned by a member of staff who has left; it can be barred from the system and will not be granted access to the building. The access control systems may also be used to control existing members of staff and where they can and cannot go within a building. Access may also be restricted at certain times of the day, meaning that staff may only be able to access the building at certain times of the day. Without a doubt, electronic keyless access is a great way to ensure both the security of the staff who work within a building and the company or business that is based within the building.

There are two common types of access control system that are commonly used – standalone access control and PC based access control system. The standalone access control system is used to control one door, or many doors independently within a building. This is beneficial for small companies or businesses. PC based access control systems, like DSX, may control all the doors within a building at the same time and these systems are generally favored by larger corporate premises. Access to both of these systems is usually granted with a pin number, a small token or with a numeric code that has to be entered. Whichever system is used however, the keyless entry system both secures and protects both staff and businesses alike and should be strongly considered by any company or business.

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