1.    Company Ownership and Integrity
For over 25 years the ownership of DSX has stayed the same. The company commitment is the same today as it was when the company was founded.  Pride, Responsibility and Integrity permeate through the relationships of customers and actions of employees.

2.  DSX Development Team
Although the development team has grown, the core engineers are still with DSX after 25 years. This is the secret to progress with backward compatibility.  Most companies have complete turnovers in development teams leading to compatibility and support issues. They no longer can support what they have built nor can they make the new products work with
the old. DSX is constantly moving forward utilizing the latest in technology and development tools and bringing with them decades of experience.

3.  Scalable Architecture
DSX has a scalable architecture that can grow from one door to thousands and from one PC to an Enterprise solution. The difference is that you only purchase what you need, where you need it. The system can grow with you without constant incremental expansion up-charges for more doors, people, and client workstation capacities. All WinDSX software is
accompanied with a Site License so you only buy it once for your complete solution.

4.  Support
DSX provides outstanding Technical Support with technicians and engineers that have been in the business for decades accruing years and years of experience. Free Technical Support is provided to Factory Trained DSX Dealers. After hours emergency support is also provided at no cost. DSX provides certified factory training at no cost to Dealers and offers an End
User class for a small fee. Software Maintenance can be purchased by the End User that allows them to call during normal business hours for software support and provides them with one upgrade per year. The agreement can be purchased anytime going forward. There are no back or retroactive charges that must be paid to buy the software maintenance at anytime in the future.

5.  DSX Hardware
DSX designs and produces it’s own hardware. All DSX Hardware is designed, built and tested in Texas. This means DSX is not dependent on a 3rd party company or competitor to produce quality hardware. Our Hardware and Software development teams actually work together for complete solutions.

6.  Reliability
DSX Supports and Repairs all products ever built by DSX. Hundreds of thousands of controllers are in service with less than a .01% return rate. The repair of all products sold in over 25 years does not require a full time repair technician. That is quality you can rely on.

Comtex has been in business for over 50 years. We are a certified DSX Dealer and offer a FREE on site survey of your premises. Please visit our website at www.comtex-nj.com.