Samsung Communications has released the OfficeServ Mobex features across its OfficeServ 7000 series of Enterprise IP Solutions.  OfficeServ Mobex means that Samsung OfficeServ customers can now integrate mobile phones, (or other external phone numbers/phones), as extensions of the office telephone system. It's immediate, seamless and personalized, and means you are never out of reach.

The OfficeServ Mobex features functions like this: when your desk telephone rings, your mobile phone, (or up to five other external phones), will ring simultaneously. The phone which answers the call first establishes a voice path with the incoming call and the other phone/s will stop ringing.  Unanswered calls can be forwarded to the  Voicemail of the office phone or the mobile, depending on configuration.

Samsung Communications General Manager, Brett McInnes, says that the new OfficeServ Mobex feature is the perfect solution for busy businesses to keep users connected and contactable. "Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, your desk phone and your mobile are seamlessly operating as one across the Samsung OfficeServ PBX solution.  It means you'll be up to date, have the right information at hand and are able to speak to people when it really matters."

Mobex benefits include:
•  A single number contact that integrates with your Samsung OfficeServ 7000 PBX solution.
•  Instant connectivity with callers � your customers, colleagues and suppliers can contact you using just one phone number, wherever you are, any time of day.
•  The ability to integrate with up to 5 alternate numbers like a mobile phone, home office, alternate office or workshop.  Each alternative number will ring simultaneously with the office phone
•  Transparency - if the twinned device has a display, the caller line information (CLI) received will indicate that the call is a Mobex call so you can choose to take the call or send it through to voice mail.

Brett McInnes says that Samsung OfficeServ Mobex is vital for any business that wants to manage every business contact professionally. "Busy professional people demand seamless and immediate connectivity and the ability to access, process and control their communications," he says.  "Samsung OfficeServ Mobex features deliver flexible, personalized tools that always keep you in contact and you will never miss a call, or more importantly, a potential sale."

About Samsung Communications
Samsung is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative consumer electronics, mobile telephony and IT products. It is one of the world's largest companies with global turnover exceeding $100 billion and more than 170,000 employees.
Based on its success, Samsung continues to invest in the local market to secure its position as the leading communications solution provider for small and medium business. The Samsung OfficeServ range integrates the latest developments in Internet Protocol (IP) technology with the intelligence and stability of traditional telecommunications technology. Whatever the business size - a small company with one office or a multi-national enterprise - the OfficeServ range has a suitable converged communications solution in its 7000 series.

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