The Samsung OfficeServ 100 has been discontinued. However, Comtex still services, supports, programs and maintains this system. At our Comtex complex, we have all the parts and equipment necessary to repair or maintain the OfficeServ 100.  If you want to expand or upgrade your existing OfficeServ 100, we can provide you with new or refurbishedFalcon or DS or ITP keysets, cards or cabinets. Please call or email us for any information, repair or purchases.

It may be time to consider upgrading your discontinued Samsung OS 100 system to one of the Samsung 7000 systems. The good news is you can reuse your  Samsung phones. All you have to do is invest in a new KSU. This is a great cost saving feature.

The new Samsung 7000 series can offer you voice mail to email, SIP trunking (save you a lot of money on your dial tone bills and offer you MOBEX (mobile extension) features at no additional cost) and it comes with a one year warranty. For more information, go to our website at or click on the following links:   Samsung OS7030, Samsung OS 7100, Samsung OS7200-S, Samsung OS7200, Samsung OS7400.

For over 50 years, Comtex has been a leader in the design, installation, service and repair of business telephone systems, CCTV and video surveillance systems.  All systems come with a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE and we offer 24/7 emergency service. From the initial inquiry, Comtex will conduct a FREE site survey and perform a telephone or security evaluation. We can also provide your voice, data and video cabling.  We will use our 50+ years of experience to custom design your system to address your particular telephone needs or security issues.

Visit us at  or call us at 201-935-2000