The 2009 calendar year has had a lack of announcements for new technology.  There have been instead, announcement after announcement of lay offs, cut backs and plant closings.  Not the case with Samsung Telecommunications America.  STA is the arm of Samsung that delivers business telephone systems in America.  Something new has been announced each week for the last few months and started first quarter when they announced sales were up for the 2-400 market.  The announcement that Samsung Telecommunications OfficeServ Product line was the #1 system product purchased in America caught our attention.

With the announcement of the OfficeServ IP-UMS release notice that came out last week this puts the OfficeServ product ahead of anything out in the business telephone market place.  Now you can see all of your email, voice mail messages and fax information in your heads up display of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook interacts with the phone system.

Add the Mobex, Connect and Twinning features and you have bang for your dollar that pulls money back into your budget by keeping valuable time and personnel in touch with their clients.  Add some additional software items, like call accounting or record-a-call software and you now have a complete package of the most powerful set of office tools to manage your communications.  Even if you run a telemarketing firm, you can record conversations as they happen.

It does not stop there, split the office up to teleworkers or remote sales and now you have one platform running the entire company using the IP telephones.  This allows for the reduction of office space yet retains the key people necessary for your company to achieve continuity of personnel.  It also removes the stress from the teleworkers life making them more productive.

Overall Samsung will continue to remain a strong force in the business telecommunications market like it has been for the last decade and a half.