A business telephone system that features robust voice over IP features is ideal to meet the specific telecommunication needs of small and medium sized businesses. The Samsung 7000 series, including the Samsung 7030, Samsung 7100, Samsung 7200-s, Samsung 7200, and Samsung 7400 phone systems are an ideal choice to stand ahead of the prevailing competition in the business world.

Improve Business Productivity

Potential customers play a vital role in ensuring the success of any business enterprise. For attaining this, your company should have effective customer care service. The Samsung 7000 series with VoIP features is an ideal option that delivers all the advanced facilities needed for any size business. This phone service offers all the advanced customer care facilities needed for a business enterprise.

The auto attendant feature of these systems efficiently manage all calls coming to your office in a professional style. The callers will be welcomed with pre-recorded greetings. The auto attendant takes care of all functions such as call forwarding, call routing, voice mail and fax mail services. Music on hold service is also integrated in this business telephone system. All these advanced features will help you present a credible image to your customers, and draw potential customers to your business.

VoIP - An Inexpensive Means of Communication

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has become an inexpensive means of communication for small and medium sized businesses. It greatly reduces the telecom bills with its broadband network connection. Long distance, international calls can be made at a fraction of the cost with the help of the web interface of this phone system. This will help your customers make calls at highly reduced rates and build up better customer relationship. Samsung offers the newest technology, including MOBEX and voice mail to email.

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