In recent years, organizations using Mitel call recording software have begun to recognize the importance of the contact center as a significant source of business intelligence. As a front-line hub and primary point of customer contact, the call center is an unmatched source of business intelligence, where problems and opportunities can be spotted and addressed long in time to make a significant impact on the performance and profitability of the entire organization. However, in order to truly utilize and maximize this veritable goldmine of business intelligence, organizations with Mitel call recording software must implement the best enabling technologies for their specific environment.

VPI (Voice Print International) has partnered with Mitel to provide organizations with unmatched Mitel call recording and Mitel quality monitoring capabilities in contact centers to capture, evaluate, analyze and improve their customer interactions. VPI’s Mitel call recording software solution is the most progressive, ground-breaking call and screen data interaction recording solution available today. Highly reliable, easily implemented and remarkably effective in virtually any environment, VPI’s Mitel call recording software solution can record multimedia interactions from a wide range of network configurations, TDM and VoIP telephony environments, and across any number of locations. With VPI Fact Finder, the system automatically detects business and process related screen events in conjunction with voice recording for classification and analysis of calls centered on key business issues.

With the Mitel call recording software solution, organizations can gain an accurate picture of customer interactions – both as they are today and as they trend over time. Managers can quickly recognize and accurately interpret call volumes, inbound and outbound traffic peaks, call handling times, workload distribution among individual front line employees and teams and many other patterns. VPI’s Mitel call recording system enables authorized users to freely search, locate, playback and share – with fast and powerful navigation from high level overview down to the recordings that matter the most, using instant searches and powerful filters that leverage business and telephony events and data.

Even if they are not using a formalized quality evaluation process, organizations can leverage their Mitel call recording software solution to rapidly improve service quality and customer experience. VPI’s Mitel call recording solution allows managers and supervisors to monitor and improve the customer service quality delivered by local or remote employees, focusing on the most pressing business issues.

The Mitel call recording system presents actionable information in a centralized, consolidated manner, from a secure Web-based interface that provides fast and accurate insights via powerful, dynamic reports and visualizations. VPI’s robust call recording solutions can be cost-effectively customized, scaled and adapted to meet the evolving demands of organizations of all kinds – from small- and medium-sized contact centers to global enterprises employing any combination of in-house and remote employees.