Video technology will greatly reduce the number of video displays required to monitor large scale systems, the number of personnel required to monitor the displays, and the server or recorder capacities needed to record all pertinent action in real-time at full frame rates. These are all contributing factors to further reducing the total cost of ownership for networked systems and incentives to deploy IP-based systems setups.

The Content analytics can be applied to both live and recorded video, with multiple detectors and unlimited detection rules per camera, as well as offering increased functionability with analytics on edge devices. Megapixels is simply the horizontal dimension multiplied by the vertical dimension in pixels. if your size image is 2048 X 1536 (resolution), thus a 3,145,728 pixel image rounded to 3.2 Megapixel. Mega means million. Quality is the amount of compression applied to the image in the camera. The higher the quality (less compression) the larger the file size will end up being

72 ppi is an arbitrary value that is picked because images do not have
DPI or PPI until printed. The size the image appears on your monitor is
dependant on the resolution of your monitor or screen.

PPI or DPI can be changed to whatever you want it to be in a photo editor or print dialog when printing the image. When printing you want the most pixels in the image and a higher DPI. Best prints are printed at around 300 DPI. For your 2048 x 1536 pixel image, you can get 6.8 inches x 5.12 inches when printed at 300 DPI or better.

With high performance megapixel cameras, video analytics and push technology, the other significant reason for the increase in acceptance of networked systems is that of improved software-driven IP video surveillance management and control systems. These sophisticated programs also allow powerful, mission-specific third party applications such as access control, fire panels, alarm and sensor controls, POS (Point of Sale) systems, visitor management systems and the like to be controlled from a single operating platform, along with the IP video surveillance.

The result is a enterprise-wide management system. This is the most optimum system.