CCTV is one of many relatively recent developments in modern security systems. The ability to monitor operations from a central location, while still retaining comprehensive coverage of a given site has allowed for unsurpassed protection and cost-effective service. With ease installation and minimal operating costs, this is one of the most widely-used security options available today.

It used to be the case that to monitor a building properly, security guards would patrol throughout the evening. Although the presence of an actual person was viewed as a deterrent, there was also a significant likelihood that this person could miss intruders or be overtaken by them. Further, with only radio access, coordinating operations across multiple officers was typically challenging.

Increase Security with CCTV
These days, CCTV provides a higher level of security service. Large buildings can be tracked easily and, on-site officers, if still employed, can be coordinated more effectively.

Modern advancements have changed the face of the security industry. This allows businesses greater protection and greater flexibility when it comes to choosing a video surveillance with cameras and a DVR.  Contact a Comtex security system advisor and see what options like CCTV can do for you.

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