Samsung does it again with the introduction of some additional features necessary in today’s mobile office keeping employees reachable and accessible.  Mobile Extension, Cell Phone Connect and Hot Desking are three of the hottest features on Samsung OfficeServ Telephone Systems that will keep your office mobile and intact.

Short for Mobile Extension, MOBEX, allows you to assign a local 2, 3 or 4 digit extension to a “virtual” extension in your office phone system.  Say for example your extension is 230.  You could have your cell phone as extension 231, your home office phone number as 232, etc.  Now when you receive the call on your cell phone, you can transfer the caller to technical support or another person in the company.  When they get the call, they too can do the same if necessary.  The calls are not conditional within any carrier and can even be in different countries.

OfficeServ Connect works a little different and it does work with MOBEX extensions.  This feature enhancement allows you to ring up to 5 different devices that are internal or external.  They ring at the same time so when the first device that answers the line, all the other devices will stop ringing.  Just remember if an answering machine or cell voice mail picks up the call, the call is still answered and the other devices stop ringing.

One added feature to this is that you can grab a call that was ringing on both your desk and cell phone, answer the call as you are leaving the office on your cell phone and transfer the call to bookkeeping or an associate before you reach your car.

Samsung Hot Desking, often spelled hotdesking, is a feature that informs attendants, associates and office staff that you are working at a particular extension that you are logged into rather those same individuals trying to find you.  Say for example you are extension 231 in Houston, but you travel to Atlanta and are going to use that office this week.  You would log into a desk in Atlanta and if your offices are linked together, the call received in Houston would be transferred to extension 231 but rings at the desk you are sitting at.  Great feature for those that travel to multiple offices around the country.

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