Today, your network cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization; information. Cable networks are the medium that connects users to their voice, data and video systems. Your wiring infrastructure is of far greater importance than the hardware connected to it. Without a robust cabling system in place, your network can fail or be compromised, drastically affecting productivity. Implementing the right structured cabling system is imperative to achieve optimum performance from your telephone, surveillance and access control equipment. It is imperative that your network infrastructure is properly designed, installed and tested for performance.

Comtex provides the following cabling infrastructues:

Voice Cabling Services – We install cabling for telephones, modems, telephone lines at any location to accommodate your entire telephone system.

Data Cabling Services - Office network cabling and wiring carries the core of your organization; information. To minimize expensive data network problems, Comtex follows strict installation and testing guidelines.

Coax Cabling Services – We use this cabling for most of our CCTV and video surveillance installations.

Video Cabling Services - Video cabling can be closely associated with coaxial cable, because most video applications require coax, but we also install twisted pair cable for certain video applications.

Twisted Pair Cabling Services - Unshielded Twisted Pair has been designed for use in voice applications and local area networks. Because of the relatively low cost this cable is widely used and is available in several different performance categories.

Server Room Installation Services - Because the server room is the centralized brain of your structured cabling system, we take special care to design and install it according to the highest standards.

For over 50 years, Comtex has specialized in the design, installation and service of Digital and IP video surveillance systems and access control systems. We do all cabling infrastructures, offer 24/ 7 service and a free on site surveillance assessment in New Jersey NJ and New York NY.

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