When you want to control who enters and exits your business but do not want to hire a person to watch the door, you need access control. An access control system allows only authorized people ability to enter a door, office or building. There are many types of access control systems; keypads, PIN access, key cards or fobs and biometrics. These access points can control one door or an entire building. The systems are suited for large facilities and small businesses that need to protect only one room. Some businesses want to increase the security and add video surveillance cameras by access points.

Key cards or tags allow a person to swipe or scan over a reader to permit access. These key cards can be personalized to detail exactly who is accessing the restricted doors and at what time they enter or exit. Reports can be printed and maintained for future reference. Some systems can be managed online and monitored online for the most up to date service in security available.

Comtex offers your business security solutions at a competitive price. You can get an advanced system for a great price with installation included. Comtex has been in business over 50 years. We are certified DSX access control dealers. Our NJ state license number is BF000479.

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