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Call Accounting Systems

Comtex offers call accounting systems from Mitel, Samsung and Centurion. The solution from Centurion has no hardware, software or set up charges and you pay a monthly fee for the service. It can be added to any telephone system.

A call accounting system is a telephone management tool designed to control the costs of operating a business telephone system. The system collects and records information about incoming and outgoing telephone calls and then processes that data into analytical reports. Specific data recorded can render reports of:

  • Detailed information about every call made/received/transferred
  • Traffic reports
  • Extension reports
  • Alerts to call fraud
  • Client billing codes
  • Circuit or trunk used for the call
  • Busiest extension/time of day
  • Executive/Department reports
  • System alarms
  • Monitor employee call activity
  • Track advertising campaigns

This system enables an employer to control telephone abuse by employees making personal long distance calls, verify the accuracy of long distance bills, monitor employee productivity, tracking regional or national advertising by way of reports based on area codes, and bill clients for telephone charges incurred on their behalf. All types of businesses can benefit from this system by increasing productivity and lowering telephone charges. Professional firms, for example a law firm, will use the system to track billable time for telephone calls made on behalf of their clients. Hotels use the system to bill hotel guests for all calls made from their hotel room. Comtex will program the system as often or as little as you need to accommodate your business needs.